Tut!This anchor,Really generous to fly。One sentence“Everyone is happy”,Let all audiences feel good about it。indeed,Let’s watch the live broadcast,Isn’t it just to be happy??

Although until now,The anchor hasn’t asked everyone for a gift,But the audience in the warehouse,Can’t help but give a gift out,Help the anchor support the scene。
“What did I miss?”
This is the speech of the female anchor Weiwei who has been with Hu Yang,She just got up,Have a look at the live broadcast platform habitually。Although it is an anchor,But she also has an anchor she follows,For example, the new anchor Hu Ge。
Just came in,Found that the lottery has ended。
“Haha!The anchor is late。”
“Vivi,Not going live,What kind of show?Don’t make money?”
Hu Yang also smiled:“Vivi,Don’t make trouble!”
At this moment,A very capable woman with short hair came in outside,Small suit、Black bag hip skirt、Stockings、High heels。The clerk in the store greeted:Hi boss!
I saw her nodding slightly,Express response,Then his eyes fell on the cracked amethyst hole,Frown。
Her name is Xu Mengyun,This shop was actually left to her by her grandmother。Since my grandmother passed away,The jade shop is in her hands,Can operate day by day。
A coincidence opportunity,A friend told her,Maybe the store’s Feng Shui doesn’t match her,Suggest she get two amethyst holes back to reconcile。