The sound of this punch is simply and powerful,It shocked everyone present。

Peng!The fist target slammed into the metal plate behind,Then a bright red number jumped out on the electronic display。
480kg!This is definitely a shocking number。As long as people who are knowledgeable,I was so surprised that I lost my voice almost temporarily。
To know,Fist of world-class boxing champion Tyson,About1291lb,That is580Around kg,This is basically close to the maximum punch strength currently measured by human athletes。
John Zhang is not a boxer,But can play the power of a professional boxer,Far beyond the baseline power brought by his height and weight,This is incredible。
See this number,John Zhang himself smiled slightly,Needless to say,Full of confidence。
Zhou Min and Zhu Qiuhong don’t know boxing,They don’t know what this number represents,I just think that punch just now is so powerful,That mixed-race man is like a beast out of its cage,Comes with power,very scary!
And they also saw fear in the eyes of the fitness experts around,It is not difficult to infer how terrifying his boxing power is。
At this moment,No one believes that Lu Menglin can beat John Zhang,Not even one。
Lu Menglin frowned,There was also a thoughtful expression on his face。
Because he also felt the power of the opponent’s punch just now,This person is one body,Qi and strength,Whole body strength coordination,I’m afraid it’s not an ordinary person,But the real Lianjiazi。
The power of that punch just now,Lu Menglin has only seen it on Fat Dun,from
I can’t make such a strong fist no matter what。
Did you just give up??This intention was already evident in the eyes of many people present。
They don’t think Lu Menglin still has the meaning of going forward,In front of absolute power,Not forgiving can only be self-inflicted。
“Now it is your turn。”John Zhang seems very satisfied with his performance just now,This punch has already played the role of Liwei,Not only shocked everyone present,Also left a deep impression in the eyes of the two beauties。
“it is good!Let me try!”Lu Menglin hesitated for a moment,Strode to the machine。