Chapter Seven Hundred and Sixty Three transaction

“exactly,Because of me,The powerful beings over there did not pass through the space channel,Come to your world。”Human Face Spider says。
“Because you are stronger than them?”Lu Menglin’s mind moved slightly,Seems to grasp something,Boldly asked。
“Do not,Shouldn’t be strong to describe me!Me too,Are very special。I can create dreams,Express the deep desire of the wisdom life ,They fear me,Is actually afraid of yourself。”Human Face Spider says。
“Are you also a kind of alien life?I feel space energy in you。”Lu Menglin thought for a while,Asked again。
The face on the back of the human face spider smiles even stranger,“Don’t you have the same energy in your body??Are you there too?”
I didn’t expect to be commanded by the opponent,Lu Menglin was slightly taken aback,Suddenly developed a sense of awe for this giant spider who claimed to be the mother of dreams,Talk to this guy,Like facing the endless starry sky,The vast sea,He has never felt this way out of reach。
The other person is like an all-knowing and all-powerful god,The wisdom and information of both parties,Seems to be completely off the same level。
“What do you want?Kill me?”Lu Menglin asked tentatively。
The human face spider shakes twice again,Answered:“Do not,Do not,I will not kill any lives,I feed on mental energy。I stay in the passage,When those lost lives lose their way,I will dream for them,To calm them down。And I will share their dreams,do you understand?”
“The me you see now,Just a clone,My body is not here,And a clone like this,I still have a lot。”Human Face Spider says。
“You are special,There is space energy in your body,But your mental activity is much richer than those dark creatures。From my perspective,Your dream is delicious,Yes,very delicious!Can you continue to let me share your dreams?”Human Face Spider says。
Lu Menglin frowned,Because the creature in front of you,Obviously it’s beyond what he can understand,The opponent’s survival mode,Does not seem to conflict with any known life,But precisely because of this unknown,It made him feel uneasy。