If it wasn’t for Lu Menglin’s close relationship with the Chinese military,In addition, he himself ranks among the top ten in the world,Even if some national forces covet,But didn’t dare to provoke him easily。

Until this time the natural disaster of the Oriental Kingdom comes,Those terrifying giant statues fell from the sky,Caused a lot of casualties,And the guards under Lu Menglin came out,The strong in the army is like a cloud,Shows extremely powerful combat power,Cleaned up those giant statues,Its true strength gradually surfaced。
By then,Only then did the intelligence agencies of various countries understand,It turns out that Burma still has such a powerful army,And this army is rushing to help the East Asia,Not just out of the spirit of international humanitarianism,But it is bound to involve some conflicts of interest。
and so,This is why so many big people come together,Let’s discuss the reasons for the plan.。
Chapter VIII Fruit of victory
Not long,Two women, Jin Soyan and Su Xuehen, who represent the Jingshengu side, came together,And the ones who accompany them,Mao Yongfei, the commander of the Guards。
Lord Mao Yongfei has now become a hero of the Oriental Kingdom,His bravery,Has been touted to the sky by the Oriental media,And the fighting power of the guards under him is extremely powerful,Impressive。
Two women, one left and the other right,Seat at the same time,But Mao Yongfei just held his arms,Standing respectfully behind the two women,To serve as a guard,Suddenly people who saw this scene couldn’t help being a little surprised。
Mao Yongfei today,powerful,A martial arts has stepped into the peak of Gang Jin,It’s only half a step to enter the alchemy,And he is different from Lu Menglin,He once injected a mutant white rhinoceros serum into his body,Obtained extremely domineering mutation power,Complete the mutation as a warrior,Made his combat power soar,Already faintly standing among the eighth-order strong。
But it’s such an eighth rank strong man with a heavy hand,But stood willingly behind the two women,Serving as a guard,No wonder other people are surprised。
Kim So Yeon glanced at the people sitting opposite,Know well,But his face is still exceptionally calm。
“Prime Minister,Everyone is here,The meeting can start。”Kim So Yeon smiled slightly,Tao。
The Prime Minister of the Oriental Kingdom nodded,Coughed slightly,Loud voice:“Everybody,First of all, thank you for coming to this meeting,On behalf of Toyogo,Thank you for your assistance to our country。Although in this disaster,Toyogo lost millions of people,Seventeen cities were destroyed,Economic losses exceed 100 billion U.S. dollars,but,We still stick to our country,Successfully wiped out those monsters,Fight for humanity!”
“In order to help the Eastern Kingdom re-establish order,Rejuvenate,We signed a post-war reciprocity agreement with Myanmar,About the specific content of the agreement,You already have it on your desktop。If there are objections,Can also be brought up,Discuss together。”The Prime Minister of Dongyang Country with a smile,Said politely。
Just under the mask of his smile,No one knows what his true thoughts are。
Choose the first time after the war,Throw out the contents of this agreement,Has his attitude changed??