Maybe in my life,Just rely on this opportunity to fly to the branch and become a phoenix。

And at this moment,Zhong Fa has already dealt with a dozen bodyguards。Then he looked at Qin Fengdao,“Do we actually need to stay here??We can leave first when they launch the second wave。They just started calling people now。”
Zhong Fa looked dissatisfied,And Qiao Shan,His attention has been diverted from the battlefield,He looked at the woman in white,Eyes are so soft
See this scene,Qin Feng couldn’t help kicking over。
“Look at your sister,Kidnapped people in the past!”Qin Feng said,Although he knows it can’t be done,But I still want to make Qiao Shan suffer。
After all, Zhang Enci dared to stand here so arrogantly against them.,It means that the opponent must still have a hole card。Don’t care about the quality of the opponent’s cards,Before it shows up,Qin Feng must be jealous。
As long as Qiao Shan mentioned Yao Xiaoqin,The brain is not so easy to turn。So after being kicked by Qin Feng, I didn’t get angry,At the same time, he rushed towards Yao Xiaoqin according to what Qin Feng said。
Qin Feng thought someone would come out to fight Qiao Shan at this time,No matter how bad it is, it’s a team with guns.。But he found himself wrong.
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Chapter Three Hundred and Sixty Two Everyone shouted
In short,Qin Feng and Zhong Fa couldn’t think of it,The person who worked directly with Qiao Shan,It’s actually a medicine Xiaoqin in white。
“I go,This chick is still a master?Even depends on the situation,Seems to still have the upper hand in the fight with Qiao Shan?”Qin Feng was talking,The volume has become a bit higher。
no way,Because the scenes seen at the scene make it difficult for Qin Feng to accept。
Although he also knows that some women may not be much worse than men if they count their skills,But none of the masters that Qin Feng encountered before are so good.。
Anyway, the woman who reached the prefecture level,Qin Feng saw it for the first time,Is the medicine Xiaoqin in front of you。
I saw them playing together,Zhong Fa couldn’t help but tease,“Qin Feng boss,I think of an old saying called slap love.”
“Almost done。I admit that I missed it!”Qin Feng said helplessly。