and,What ancestor?What traverser?Sun Monkey is not clear,He only felt that he in another world in front of him seemed to be calculating the black woman。

but,Even so,Monkey Sun still silently watched the scene before him without saying a word,He is now suppressed under Wuzhi Mountain,Like a waste demon,Just watch it honestly,Lest it ruin another world’s own calculations。
“How could I not recognize,Wuzhishan,Isn’t this the famous Qitian Great Sage??It’s the legend that worships Bodhi ancestor as a teacher,Learned the seventy-two changes and somersault cloud,And worship with the six demon kings,Known as the Seven Great Sages。”
“Rush to the underworld,Torn the book of life and death,Donghai Dragon Palace grabs the wishful golden hoop,Then make a big noise,I got a pair of golden eyes in the alchemy furnace,Make another mess。”
“Finally, the Jade Emperor was helpless,Can only turn to Xitian Buddha,Then he was suppressed by Buddha Tathagata at the foot of Wuzhi Mountain,Monkey King Monkey is the monster I admire most。”
“Great Sage,Can you accept me as a disciple?I want to live forever,I also want to make a big mess in the Heavenly Palace。”
After Su Xue heard the question from the fellow traveler,Adoring watching the Great Sage Qitian who was suppressed under the Wuzhi Mountain,Solemnly say,In Zuxing,Monkey King’s deeds are unknown to everyone,No one knows。
Even if she doesn’t know how to compare with Qitian,Which is stronger and weaker,but,It’s undeniable,Monkey King is the monster she admires most。
After Sun Monkey heard the woman in black in front of him,,Inexplicable,What to worship Bodhi Patriarch?Tearing the book of life and death?What are the Seven Great Sages?Ruyi golden hoop?Why can’t he understand the words of the woman in black。
He made a big noise in the heavenly court because the fairy gods in the heavenly court slaughtered the demons wantonly,He is the most powerful demon king of the demon clan,How can you just sit back and ignore?That’s why he went to heaven in a rage。
And he has never seen any alchemy furnace,Not to mention the golden eyes,It seems that the black woman in front of me is weird,therefore,After hearing the words of the woman in black wanting to worship herself as a teacher,Monkey Sun ignored。
I keep worshipping myself,But I can even remember what I have done,I really thought that his grandson monkey was suppressed by Wuzhishan, the lord of Buddhism, for hundreds of years.?
“It seems that the girl is really a fellow traveler who walked out from the ancestor star,The girl can call me grandson,Not bad,This is Monkey King,If the girl wants to return to Zuxing。”