Could it be that this extraordinary middle-aged man in the photo,It turned out to be the one who once shocked the whole world“Kobayashi of London City”—-Yamaki Kobayashi?!

To know,The Yamaki Kobayashi Lang was once the most admired ace trader of Qiao Tianyu in the history of world finance。
His trading techniques are complicated and changeable,Out of sight,Dazzling,Often confused opponents to doubt life,Absolutely worthy of“To Yin School”The originator of trader。
In the previous life, Qiao Tianyu has read many trader works by Yamaki Kobayashi,Can’t help but be deeply impressed by his magical trader,He is definitely Qiao Tianyu’s most admired master of the Yin School,none of them!
It’s just that Qiao Tianyu became famous in the world financial circle after working at Goldman Sachs for many years.,Late to fame,When Qiao Tianyu became famous in the world, Yamaki Kobayashi had already retired to the forest,So Qiao Tianyu has never been able to see his idol。
And the other day in Tokyo, Japan,Lily also knows Qiao Tianyu’s worship of Yamaki Kobayashi,That’s why I sent the rockery Kolin Lang to confuse Qiao Tianyu,Qiao Tianyu was almost fooled。
However, Qiao Tianyu also missed the first chance to meet Kobayashi Yamaki.,However, I did not expect to see my idol in the British Virgin Islands so soon,Qiao Tianyu’s heart was pounding excitedly。
“Yamaki Kobayashi also came to the British Virgin Islands?”Qiao Tianyu asked in surprise。
“Ok,He also came yesterday afternoon。”
Compared with Qiao Tianyu’s excitement,Michelle is not happy at all,She looked at Qiao Tianyu helplessly,Then explained。
“Joe,Don’t get too excited,Have you forgotten the true identity of Yamaki Kobayashi??”
“The true identity of Yamaki Kobayashi?”
Michelle’s words seemed as if a basin of cold water was suddenly poured on Qiao Tianyu’s head,Pouring Qiao Tianyu a heart-warming。
Yes indeed,A few days ago in Tokyo, Japan,Lily told Qiao Tianyu personally,Nayamaki Kobayashi is now the top of the Arrow Sakura organization,Lily’s immediate boss!
“Yamaki Kobayashi is a member of the Arrow Sakura organization!”Qiao Tianyu exclaimed,“The Arrow Sakura Organization sends Yamaki Kobayashi to go out to Malay to the British Virgin Islands in person,what’s the situation?”
Thought of here,Qiao Tianyu feels that the breeze is blowing,What is going on in the British Virgin Islands these days??
British royal family、Federal Reserve、Brazil’s largest gang,The world’s largest drug trafficking organization、Israeli arms dealer、Saudi Sovereign Wealth Fund,The big brothers of the Arrow Sakura organization gathered at the same time in the small land of the British Virgin Islands,Have to make people imagine。