“Taste how it tastes?”Mingzi Chunri pushed the cup of pure black coffee to Lu Menglin,I took that cup of iced coffee with milk cover。

Lu Menglin took a sip,It really tastes good,And most importantly, in this little cup of coffee,It actually contains abundant active energy,It can only be said that the heaven and earth vitality on the Shenmin Continent is so abundant.,Even the coffee beans are almost refined。
and,Lu Menglin also noticed a small detail,Although this coffee shop is not small,But there is no waiter in the store,All customers order and pay through the electronic ordering device,It shows that manpower is still very precious in the City of Steel,People who can qualify to enter the city of steel,Wouldn’t you be willing to be a waiter?!
Although Lu Menglin does not discriminate against such professions as waiters,But he knows very well,Unless the master is lonely,too boring,otherwise,It’s unlikely that this kind of dog blood will happen,After all, cultivation time is too precious。
“Mingzi,I am practicing a god-nation technique,Can double combat power,But in the process of cultivation,Occasionally there is an impulse that I can’t control myself,Mainly manifested in the two aspects of bloodthirsty and increased lust,Do you have any good suggestions?”Although Lu Menglin feels a little embarrassed,But still actively asked。
He raised this question,Solving the problems is the second,The most important thing is to explain his previous actions to Kasuga Hakoko,So shy!
and,Kasuga Hakoko was born in Toyo Matsushikuji,Focus on spiritual training since childhood,Dan Dao again,Deep research on the relationship between the mind and the body,Lu Menglin also hopes to hear some reasonable suggestions from her。
Kasuga Hakoko listen,Slightly frowning,Thought for a while,Just said:“Brother Lu!Cultivate with your mental power,It is almost impossible to be affected by external forces,Will happen,Really can’t understand。In what situation are you,Will have bloodthirsty thoughts,In what state,Can get crooked?”
My sister Mingzi asked Lu Menglin speechlessly,This question is really difficult to answer。
He thought about it,Said hesitantly:“When facing the enemy,I will be desperate,Kill them all!Not like this when there is no threat!But this is obviously not my character!I am not so impulsive!”
“As for lust, it’s even stranger!When I was in God City,I won’t be tempted to see those godly women,Instead, go back to the city of steel,I felt something was wrong with this。I don’t know if it’s because you are strong。”Lu Menglin cheeky,Said seriously。
“Very likely!but,Among the gods,There can be no female masters who are better than me!When you see them,Have ideas?”Asked Kasuga Hakoko。
Although she specializes in mental power,But a great pill,For so long in the City of Steel,The current combat power has firmly stood at level 44,If you add mental power,Even if you encounter a forty-fifth level god nation warrior,It’s the same,Even have a big win。