Chapter Sixty One Don’t fail to cooperate
Now he can’t help but wonder what this person is doing to call him。
“Hey,Is it the master??”
Answer the phone,Yang Xiaowen’s respectful greeting came from inside immediately。
Qin Fengdao:“Not bad,it’s me,Is it okay to call so late??”
Yang Xiaowen said directly:“master,Actually there is something I want to ask you to help。”
Southern suburbs,Wufeng Mountain,Qin Feng drove directly to the top of the mountain this time,Yang Xiaowen personally greeted him at the door,Although Yang Yinyin is not happy,But I still followed。
“Not bad,Your foundation is very stable,Even if you continue to practice like this,Can reach the realm of Mr. Da in less than two months。”
Get off,A faint smile hung on Qin Feng’s mouth。
After his guidance,Yang Xiaowen now looks more like a man in his thirties,Full of energy,The aura that unintentionally revealed。
In addition, he has always been in a high position for a long time.,All herald the bright future for him。
“Thank you for your praise,But if there is no master,There is no disciple today。”
“All right,Don’t say this,What you said on the phone yesterday,Sure is true?”
Qin Feng doesn’t want to engage those guests,Changed the topic directly,There was a little curiosity in the look。
yesterday,Yang Xiaowen called,First, I want to ask him to help teach some big guys,Make Qin Feng feel depressed,After all, there are many things involved here,Although he is Yang Xiaowen’s master,,But if you intervene easily,Easy to be targeted by the tribe。