“Yes indeed,Without me, there would be no current Shen family,The reason why their Shen family will develop into the largest family in Yun City,Mainly because of my help back then,so,After so many years,When I found something on their Shen family,They naturally have to agree very happily。”Xiao Fan said indifferently。

It seems to Xiao Fan,Helping the Shen family become the largest family in Yun City,Is a very unworthy thing。
“but,but,However, the Shen family has been the largest family in Yun City for many years.!”Lin Yuner’s eyes widened and continued to ask。
Yes,The Shen family has been the largest family in Yun City for many years.,but,Xiao Fan and Lin Yoona got married in less than three years。
and so,If Lin Yuna understands her right,,That was before Xiao Fan and Lin Yoona got married,He is already a very rich,And there is still no capable and powerful person。
but,Myself and my family,These years of marriage,What do you think of Xiao Fan??
All of them actually regarded Xiao Fan as a worthless waste.,Make things difficult for him everywhere,Always ridicule him。
And Xiao Fan,Obviously so strong and capable,He was so willing to be a waste in his own home,And also indifferent to the abuse of him by so many people。
Chapter Three Hundred and Nineteen As expected
Xiao Fan did this,What is it for??
No matter how Lin Yoona racks his brains,She didn’t even want to understand what Xiao Fan did for!
And Xiao Fan seems to have not noticed Lin Yoona’s psychological changes and facial expression changes,Just listen to Xiao Fan continue to speak to Lin Yuner:“At that time I remember I walked casually on the street,As a result, I ran into the head of the Shen family in an alley because he owed a huge gambling debt.,and so,I just helped him。”
“Helped him?”Lin Yuner frowned and asked。