If you install a dense artillery matrix behind those steel plates,It will definitely be a big killer。

He even saw the world’s most advanced radar defense system on the mountainside,There are also several cave-like buildings that are suspected of missile silos,This shows that this valley has a strong air defense system,Able to intercept missile attacks from thousands of kilometers away。
“The missile defense system from the Russian bandit has been installed last time,We currently have 20 Patriot missiles in hand,Enough to defend against at least two air strikes。”Liu Niu’er explained with joy。
“Ok,You did a good job。Keep confidential work,To prevent spy infiltration。”Lu Menglin said lightly。
Liu Niu’er quickly put away his smile,Said seriously:“The construction of the periphery is entrusted to the Su family’s engineering team,All the military facilities in the valley were installed by me transferred from the Golden Triangle。There are also core restricted areas that you specifically emphasize,I sent someone to guard for 24 hours and 4 hours,Didn’t let anyone in。”
“well!This is a small gift for you。”Lu Menglin nodded,Took out a small porcelain bottle from his arms,Threw it to Liu Niu’er。
Liu Niu’er moved the mouth of the bottle to the tip of his nose and gently smelled it,Suddenly overjoyed。
This bottle is filled with 16 pills made of ethereal marrow juice and dozens of precious herbs,Not only contains extremely rich life energy,Can make up for the deficit caused by taking secret medicine,Can also strengthen mental power,Makes it easier to concentrate,Control emotion。
This drug was created for the Arcanum Warriors,Can greatly alleviate the harm of secret medicine to the human body,Especially to protect the mind from damage。
“Thank you Venerable!correct,One more thing,That girl Su Xuehensu,She wanders around the core area every day,We can’t drive her。Don’t you think this matter?”Liu Niu’er thought for a while,Still decided to tell this story。
He is the Venerable’s girlfriend,Where does she want to go,Who dare to stop?But I really can’t take it for granted,In case the Venerable has another arrangement in that core area,It might be troublesome。
Lu Menglin heard Su Xuehen go by often,Can’t help but froze for a while,Shook his head and smiled:“It should be okay!”
The Secret of Fright God Valley,Since the death of A Jianglong,Except myself,No one should know。
Su Xuehen is just a little girl,No matter how much you wander,It should be impossible to discover the mystery。
Talking room,The three of them have already walked to the forbidden area in the valley。
Sure enough, as Liu Niu’er said,He sent someone here to pull up the grid,There are sentries,There are not only four tough soldiers guarding with guns,There is a hidden whistle on the opposite side,Should be a ruthless character like a sniper。
“The air here is so good!The mind is much clearer than outside。No wonder Menglin is coming back。”Said with a chubby and cheerful smile。
“Yes!Practice martial arts here,Do more with less。I plan to retreat for a while,When i’m away,You two discuss something。”Lu Menglin said。