“Brother Hu is still good,It’s broken at a glance。”Xiaoliang flattering。

“Ha ha!This is nothing,A little savvy player can see。Jade Buddha Head,Has a special meaning,Means‘To succeed’,So it is also sought after。
but,If it is a simple jade Buddha head,Because it has only one head,So the requirements for facial opening are even higher,A slight flaw will have a big impact。
The good and bad of a character work,All from the open face,Pay attention to the facial expression and proportions,Is it realistic and vivid,Whether it conforms to the technique and aesthetic taste of character painting。
This jade Buddha head is exquisite even though the face is open,But it looks down,Has the meaning of overlooking all beings,and,The bird’s-eye view angle is relatively low,Then it must be standing,So it cannot be a simple jade Buddha head。”Hu Yang explained to everyone。
He told everyone,Now Guanyin and Buddha’s open faces generally use Tang Yun,More plump and auspicious,The corners of the mouth are slightly upward,Show a kind smile。
If it is Maitreya Buddha,The face should be symmetrical on both sides,When laughing,The apple muscle part needs to be raised a little,Whether it’s pouting and laughing、Lol、smile,The two big muscles next to the nose are raised,And its nose is shorter among people,Deep eyebrows。
To increase credibility,Hu Yang unscrew the metal ring of Buddha’s head and neck,Everyone take a look,Sure enough, it was broken。
The audience who just came in looked stunned,This anchor is a bit material!Very accurate,Explain that people are really capable,No wonder there are always people boasting。
Populus euphratica put away the jade Buddha head,I transferred two hundred and fifty thousand to Xiao Liang。
Money in hand,Xiao Liang still can’t believe it,I made more than 200,000 yuan so easily。this time,I also have money for home renovation。
To know,This time,The family has a headache for this than the money for decoration。
Family generation,except him,And a big brother。Both are at the age to get married,But still single。no way,Girls now pay more attention to conditions,You don’t have a room,I still have to struggle when I marry。
then,Xiaoliang’s parents wanted to get their two sons married as soon as possible,Even took out the coffin,And also borrowed some from relatives and friends,Finally built a three-story building。
however,This is just the shell,Without decoration。
According to their budget,Decoration words,More than 100,000 will do。Their standards are relatively low,So not much money。Unlike some people,Choose the best decoration materials,Let alone a three-story building,Even a suite decoration can cost a hundred and a hundred thousand。