It’s Xiang Chen’s,I don’t know who was beaten,Now Wu Weihua wants to explain to Li Chengen;Zhu Guosheng who hid while drinking water almost squirted out the tea from his mouth,Look around,No one noticed myself,Then quietly put down the teacup,I refilled myself with another cup of tea。

“What kind of explanation does Boss Wu want??”
Li Chengen smiled angrily,But he looked at Zhu Guosheng not far away,Seems to be asking‘When will Brother Guosheng want to keep a low profile??’And Zhu Guosheng responded to Li Chengen with his eyes‘I’m a trash!Besides paying,Nothing will happen。’
Look at the eyebrows of Li Chengen and Zhu Guosheng,Chen Keqing sighed secretly,I seem to have kicked the iron this time,Otherwise, I won’t be at home, and I’m going to fight myself for this group of students.,Even Li Chengen, who is obsessed with the Li family,Even Zhu Guosheng of the Zhu family doesn’t give him the face。
“Boss Li gave me a problem!Otherwise you will stay at home?Anyway, you like the restaurant’s food so much。”
Wu Weihua said with a smile,Zheng Yao by his side was stunned.,It’s the first time I heard that the hostage was so shameless,People like Boss Wu,It’s hard not to get rich!
Zheng Yao is feeling,Suddenly a figure rushed out from Zheng Yao’s side,At first I thought it was the one named Xiang Chen and finally couldn’t help but erupt,Until the figure rushed to Li Chengen,Zheng Yao suddenly discovered,The owner of the figure is his own son!
Facing Wu Qiao’s proposal,Li Chengen hasn’t started fighting,A glass bottle has been in front of everyone, making a sound on Li Chengen’s head。
“Stinking rogue!Don’t look at yourself,I want someone to accompany you!Are you good enough?Pooh!”
Zheng Ziling never thought that the quality of the bottle in his hand would be so good,Even though I have used a lot of strength and the inertia of sprinting,But Li Chengen’s head still didn’t explode。
I heard what happened just now from other people,Especially when Zheng Ziling knew,When Li Chengen wanted to stay with Xiangyang for a drink,The anger in my chest has burned all the reason in my mind。
It’s just the quality of the bottle in hand,Did not let Zheng Ziling see the bloodshed situation,But then what Zheng Ziling said,Enough to aggravate Li Chengen’s injury。
I don’t know if it’s because of the blood attacking the heart or the sudden impact on the head,Li Chengen’s staggered retreat,If it wasn’t for Chen Keqing to support him,,I believe that Li Chengen has fallen to the ground。
Sudden picture,Surprised everyone,Zheng Ziling still wants to win and pursue,But was stopped by Xiangyang and Zhu Shiyao。
“Don’t kill people!”
Zhu Shiyao has repeatedly emphasized to Xiang Yang,Now it is Zhu Shiyao and Xiang Yang who repeatedly emphasized with Zheng Ziling。
The rib cage keeps rising and falling,Obviously even with Zhu Shiyao and Xiangyang blocking,I couldn’t extinguish the anger in Zheng Ziling’s heart。
Zheng Yao and Zhu Guosheng appeared at the same time,A son who persuaded himself,One to check Li Chengen’s injuries,Then advise everyone to stay calm。
“Classmates go away first!Today’s dinner counts as ours!”
With Zheng Ziling’s sudden joining,Wu Weihua feels that today’s situation is getting more and more interesting。