Kill the night Koreans in the base of Taishan ship,Including members of the investigation team,Only leave this woman,It’s actually the strategy of Doppelganger One。

When it is eating,You can read the memory of the ingredients,And make classification and processing in time,According to the information it knows,This woman named Hu Lin,Is the most important role in the investigation team,Her family,At night, the South Korean military has a pivotal position.。
and so,Control this woman,Gain her trust,For the development of Sandstorm City and Plane Team,Has a very crucial role。
Based on this inference,Lu Menglin arrived at the Taishan ship base,Appear in time,Played a wonderful scene of a big battle with Clone One。
but,The fight just now,Although Lu Menglin didn’t exert all his strength,But also surprised him,Because of the combat power of clone one,Is actually much stronger than I thought。
That guy doesn’t seem to have evolved into a mature body,It’s still in the stage of just metamorphosing the larva,But the basic strength and speed are no longer inferior to the forty-two-level warrior of the god nation.,And it has many hidden killers,The true combat power should far exceed the average level 42 fighters。
Lu Menglin even suspected,If Tu Shanming is now allowed to fight against Doppelganger One,Maybe the one who fell last won’t be Clone One,But Tu Shanming。
Because the clone 1 seems to be the human body,But its body structure is completely different from the human race,And many of its vital parts,Looks like a weakness,It’s actually a trap,As long as the targeted attack,The unlucky one must be its enemy。
the most important is,It hasn’t evolved yet,You can continue to grow by eating,This is the scariest part of Doppelganger One。
After killing all the Koreans in the Taishan ship,By eating,Clone 1 can quickly acquire knowledge of Ye Korea,Not just power,Its IQ is also improving rapidly。
And those dark races in the jungle,Because of the collapse of the command system,Has become a piece of loose sand,It just happens to be the predator of Clone One,They will bring unimaginable huge life energy to clone one,Accelerate its growth。
“It should be safe here。That monster won’t catch up。”Lu Menglin glanced at Hu Lin, who was still pale,Said lightly。
Hu Lin nodded,I want to say a few words of thanks,But I always feel a little weird,Hesitate,Finally still did not say anything。
“I’m leaving!Take care of yourself。”Lu Menglin’s next sentence,Almost scared Hu Lin to fly away。
And the young man in front of him,I really don’t understand the style,Raise your legs without being a gentleman,It seems that she is really going to leave her alone in this jungle。
Hu Lin said softly,Open mouth,I can’t believe what I just heard?