“Let them in!”The voice just fell,Smith sitting next to Jiang Qizhi waved,Smiled。

Everyone in Menglin Group hasn’t reacted yet,I saw a group of people pouring up from the door of the company。
There are men and women in this group,Old and young,The styles of clothes they wear are old,Rough hands,It’s from the countryside。
The head is an old man with a felt hat,He is holding a thirteen-four-year-old boy,That rural boy looks ordinary,Wearing a pair of white rubber shoes on the feet,His eyes are full of vigilance。
“Which is Jihu?”The old man yelled loudly as soon as he entered the door。
“Where is the surname?”The farmers behind the old man also yelled。
Uncle Jihu saw this menacing battle,Got up quickly,Frowned:“I am Jihu,You are?”
The old man nodded,I gave a handful of the teenager in white rubber shoes,Shen Sheng:“Guawazi,Say it yourself!”
The teenager step forward,Chest out,Yelled angrily:“Didn’t you say you want me to go to university??I’m only in junior high school now,You won’t pay!Aren’t you cheating?”
This remark,The whole meeting room is silent,Many people were stunned,They couldn’t help but wonder about the relationship between Uncle Jihu and this rural teenager。
Uncle Jihu’s brows are frowning tighter,He couldn’t believe who this young man appeared in front of him was,Doubtful:“you,You are xiaofei?”
“I am Lin Xiaofei,I called you the year before last。You made it clear at the time,Said you would let me go to university,Everyone in the village knows,You don’t have to pay now,This is a lie!”Teenager staring,Said angrily。
Uncle Jihu shook his head sadly,He never thought,Self-funded rural students,At such a special critical moment,Jumped out and beat myself up。