Populus euphratica:“Brother Shentu,Next time!Old Chen really has arrangements,You can go to the big family with me at that time。”

Ok!It’s not about money,It’s a matter of before and after。Since they have arrangements,Let’s eat big family together!
Just left the book stand,Keep going,Xiao Gao suddenly looked a little dodge,Attract everyone’s attention。
“Why?Met an enemy?”Wen Wenhao joked。
Just finished,There is a voice from the other side of the street:“You really are the old man?Haven’t found an internship yet?What are you wandering around here?All said,I don’t want to give it a try。Seeing Xiaowen’s face,Wouldn’t I give you a job??”
It sounds like a concern,But look at that person’s expression,Like more ridicule,That teasing look,Even Hu Yang can’t see it。
Except for the young man who spoke,And how many men and women,All college students in professional attire。
Xiao Gao suddenly smelled a face,Embarrassing,Especially this kind of thing happened under Hu Ge’s nose,Make him very embarrassed。The guy who spoke,Is a student of his school。
The reason for the intersection,Because of Xiaowen in his mouth。
Xiaowen grew up in a community with him,Very familiar since childhood,Although I can’t tell you what a childhood sweetheart,But Xiao Gao did have a crush。
That guy wanted to pursue Xiaowen,A lot of work,Even threatened Xiao Gao。
Lu Zhiming likes to tease Xiao Gao,of course,More still upset。His family is pretty good,Not graduated yet,I started my own company,Although only a small company,But many classmates fudge him,Makes him feel fulfilled。
Deal with girls,Even more unfavorable,however,That Xiaowen still hasn’t been captured,This makes him more conquer。Xiao Gao often with Xiao Wen,Naturally became his nail in the flesh。
“Lao Gao,Don’t be stubborn,Come to Ming’s company,bright future。”One of the male classmates also persuaded。
This male classmate,Is Xiao Gao’s classmate,Lu Zhiming pursued Xiaowen,He told Lu Zhiming,Xiaowen has a childhood sweetheart。
“You can’t get a high salary, right??”Populus couldn’t help but speak。
Can’t get his salary?
The group of students seemed to hear a joke,Can’t help but stand up:“Haha!Ming Ge invested in a company of millions,Can’t get his salary?Who do you think he is?”
Wen Wenhao also helps:“Xiao Gao made tens of thousands just now,How many 10,000 yuan can he give Xiao Gao?”