“Who are you talking about?,You little hoof!”

“Don’t catch my lamp holder,Your model is so small,I can’t even catch!”
Chapter One Hundred and Eighty Seven Finally able to move
For a person lying in a hospital bed,The happiest thing is to be able to get out of bed and walk around。
People who haven’t experienced,Never understand this。
Kind of lying on a sickbed and unable to move,Then the pain of having to wait for everything。
Xin Zhao is even more uncomfortable,After three days of being unable to move at all,Xin Zhao feels like he is going crazy。Then he can slowly recover,until now,He can move slightly。
‘Today is great,Big sister is out,Only me in the house,Then I can take the opportunity to sneak out!’
Xin Zhao sitting on the hospital bed,Looking at the empty ward around,Smile on his face。
God knows how he came here these days。
His activity space is only the size of this room,Every time Xin Zhao wants to go out,Then they will be stopped by Rena,Even when Lena is no longer,Qiangwei and Qilin are stopping him。
‘I’m Xin Zhao finally going out,No one can stop me today!’