“Yin Yin,This is really a book for you,It’s not what you think。”Qin Feng raises his hand,

The phone in Yang Yinyin’s pocket rings。
she knows,This
Is the sound of an alarm clock。
I’m afraid I forgot to pick up my sister Sakura,So at night,She will set herself an alarm clock,To remind myself。
“That one,Sakura is out of school,Hurry up and pick up my sister Sakura,I have something else here。”Yang Yinyin said quickly,Then he hurried to his desk。
“what,This。”Qin Feng wanted to say,You kiss me,I’ll go。
But I haven’t finished speaking yet,I heard Yang Yinyin say:“Don’t you want to pick up Sakura?If you don’t want to go,I’ll go。”
Finished,Take out the key。
“what。”Qin Feng is a little dumbfounded,This has become too fast?
Had known,Even if you close your eyes。
“That one,Yinyin,This,you,Promised me。”
“Yep,This little thing,Be mindful,It’s the business to pick up Sakura now。”Yang Yinyin said righteously。