This official statement from Chrysler came out,Chrysler users all over the United States are bombed:How to drop?What do you mean by Chrysler,It’s just that you have the final say?

Return the car!
I don’t know who yelled first“Return the car!”Slogan,But after this slogan was called out,Immediately got at least hundreds of thousands of Chrysler in the United States、Response from Dodge and Plymouth owners!
Discerning people know,After making this stupid statement,Chrysler Group and Lee·Iacocca meets big@In trouble!
Actually more than the media、Public relations experts were shocked and stunned by this life of Chrysler Group,Chen Geng and Jack·Welch’s whole person was affected by Chrysler’s“Out of sight”、“Unstoppable”Silly!
“Lee·Iacocca this is……Did your brain get kicked by a donkey??”Chen Geng scratched his head vigorously,Look at jack·Welch。
Although I don’t know anything“My brain kicked by a donkey”,But I want to know that it’s not a good thing,Jack·Welch was also scratching his head vigorously:“Don’t understand,Facing this kind of crisis related to the future development of the enterprise,The statement made must be more cautious,When drafting the content of the statement,Must also follow‘Resolve the crisis as much as possible’Core principles,The most basic bottom line,It is absolutely not to intensify contradictions、Gain some time for your response……”
Speaking of here,Jack·Welch can’t speak anymore,Learn from my boss scratching his head。
at this time,This official statement must、And it must be personally reviewed by the top person in charge of the group、Draw up,In other words,This statement is most likely from Li·After Iacocca,And Lee·Iacocca is a well-known top entrepreneur in the United States and the world,How could you make such a naive mistake?Why did you issue such a clear statement at this critical time??
Look again at this statement issued by Chrysler,It avoids all the core points perfectly……He suddenly agreed with his boss,If it wasn’t for the brain kicked by the donkey,Chrysler Group and Lee·How could Iacocca draw up such a completely illogical common sense、A statement that neither the media nor public relations experts can understand?
But whether it’s Chrysler Group and Lee·Based on what logic did Iacocca draft this statement?,A fact that must be admitted is:After this statement,Chrysler Group and Lee·Iacocca really met big@In trouble!
Big@Trouble is coming soon!
Chong Chrysler Group and Lee·Iacocca’s first shot was the famous《era》weekly:They published Lee·Alacocca Pictures。
As one of the top three current news weekly magazines in the United States,《era》Weekly not only has a high reputation all over the world,Its every move has been followed by countless people,And the most widely concerned,Undoubtedly《era》Weekly cover:To be able to board the famous《era》Weekly cover,I don’t know how many people’s dreams are。
From1978From the moment when he became Chairman and CEO of Chrysler Group,Lee·I’ve been on Iacocca twice《era》Weekly cover:Once it was when he officially became chairman and chairman of the Chrysler Group,《era》The weekly wrote a meaningful sentence on the cover:Is this the beginning of a new era?;The second time he took the initiative to pay the bank a sum in advance on behalf of the Chrysler Group2000Ten thousand dollars loan,《era》The review given by the weekly is:Yes,This is the beginning of a new era。
right now,It’s Lee·Iacocca boarded for the third time《era》Weekly cover。
This must be Lee·Iacocca wants to be the last《era》Weekly cover once。
It’s not because of his frown that he is in trouble on the cover,But the two lines above his head are meaningful、Everyone understands what it means:“Return the car!”as well as“The final interpretation right belongs to Chrysler”。