“Is that we take each car600USD。”

In front of money,Big people are not immune,His eyes suddenly widened:“Doubled?!”
doublewhat,This is a temptation that most people can’t refuse。
Old Jotson nodded:“Yes,Just double。”
The big man subconsciously lit a cigarette,He somewhat understands why the old Jotson, who has never liked coming to the Pentagon very much, would personally own his office.,Such a big thing,I need to go to my office in person。Finish a cigarette,He finally asked:“What is his condition?”
A big man is a big man,Know Fernandez·The reason why Chen doubled himself,It must be something harsh、Difficult conditions。
Old Chotson:“the first,When calculating the cost,Cost increase20%。”
“This is not a problem,”The big man waved his hand irritably,Who doesn’t know that military equipment will go high when costing before purchasing?,Otherwise, people who go up and down rely on equipment to buy food and make money,Where to make money?:“Say the point!”
Old Jotson said immediately:“The point is,The Ministry of Defense must ensure that the final order is in their hands,Moreover, financial subsidies must be provided when the plant and production line are constructed。”
“……A bit embarrassing。”
Thought for a long time,The big man finally spoke。
Chen Geng’s two requirements,Just stuck in him and relying on the ability of the people who bought to eat this time can do it、At the same time pay and return are acceptable,This is a bit tricky。
“Yes,”Old Jotson nodded:“Is quite embarrassing……”
Seeing the eyes of the big people looking at me,Know what he cares about,Old Jotson actively explained:“I fought,But Fernandez said,If our requirements are too high,He went to work with Ford Motor Company……You know,He and Henry·Mr. Ford’s relationship looks pretty good,”Speaking of which,Old Jotson shrugged a little depressed:“So it is possible。”
“I am not very familiar with accounting and costing,and so……If Fernandez takes the initiative to find Ford to cooperate,How much profit they will lose?”Took such a big risk for myself,Income can only double,The big man is somewhat unwilling。
“about30%about,Maybe a little more,”Facing the puzzled look of a big man,He spread his hand:“Not sure about the form of cooperation between Fernandez and Ford Motor Company,Probably like this。”