Because Xia Chenglong stretched out his right hand like lightning,Five fingers folded on his wrist。

Scared man’s wrist was twisted in the opposite direction,Twisted so hard,So that you can see bones pierced out of his skin,Blood poured out from the pierced wound。
then,Xia Chenglong kicked again with his right leg。
This kick hit the scar man’s leg with the power of a steel whip,The pupil of the scared man suddenly shortened,Because his legs bend unexpectedly and unnaturally。
The bones in his leg were broken cleanly in several places。
At last,Xia Chenglong punched。
Scared man’s chest was completely collapsed by this punch。
His eight ribs were beaten to pieces,He was beaten and flew back like a sandbag,Knocked down the few deserted people behind。
The wild man on the right of the scared man is waving a metal rod,“boom”Smashed at Xia Chenglong。
Xia Chenglong grabbed the metal rod as easily as picking flowers,Pull it out of the hand of the wild man,Then hit hard,Put the metal rod into the mouth of the deserted man。
This violent impact first smashed his teeth,Then stick out from the back of his head,A big hole appeared in his head。
The wild man on the left waving an axe was terrified by the sight in front of him,Turn around and run away。
But Xia Chenglong didn’t let him go。
I saw Xia Chenglong jump into the air,Jumped nearly two meters high,When he lifted his right leg over the head of the deserted man,Slam the skull of the deserted man with his right leg。
Huang Ren’s cervical spine was completely severed。
As for the head itself,Xia Chenglong pressed into his chest with terrible force。
Unbelievable power drove the deserted man’s leg into the ground,Like a nail is driven into the ground。
The deserted person is standing there,Unable to fall。
of course,He is dead。