“As to the matter of the ring,” said the captain, “my mind is not made up. Mr. Randall, will you attend me?”

The 杭州丝袜推油 mate went below with Captain Brace.

After a moment’s silence the captain said, “I don’t like that fellow, Mr. Randall.”

“Do you 杭州美容院排行榜 mean Antonio?”

“No; this Sturdy, who takes such airs upon himself.”

“Neither do I,” answered Randall, promptly.


“He’s a mutinous rebel. 杭州洗浴按摩中心 I can see it in his eye,” pursued the captain.

“I have no doubt he


would be if he had a good opportunity.”

“Perhaps I shall give him one,” said the captain, significantly.

“He’s as strong as a bull,” said the 杭州不正规的洗浴中心 mate.

“Yes; the fellow has fists like sledge-hammers, but he may use them once too often. We will speak of that hereafter. Now what do you 杭州足疗店哪个好 think of this robbery?”

“I suppose Antonio was the thief,” said Randall, reluctantly.

“You think Sturdy’s story is correct?”

“Yes; Antonio is a deep rascal, though of the two I hate Sturdy most.”

“Did you suppose your nephew to be the thief before the


latter told his story?”

“I did not.”

“Yet you countenanced the charge.”

“Because I thought a 杭州养生足浴 flogging would do the boy no harm.”

“You don’t seem to have any great affection for your nephew.”

“I do not.”

“And the reason?”

“Is simply 杭州男士spa按摩 this. The boy’s mother jilted me, or rather refused me outright when I offered my hand in marriage.”