State Society@Sichuan | From "Bing Wish Fighting" to "Rural Revitalization" -Li Four Visit Sichuan -Shaanxi Lao District Li Guozhi

  In April 2020, the reporter came to Xiaomanma Village for an interview with Li Guozhi for the third time. Seeing that he had flattened a few acres of wasteland for the development of breeding, and dug a small road of about 1,000 meters long, connected these land in series, and serialized these land. Baked rooms were also built on the hill and baked Chinese medicinal materials.

  Recently, the reporter went to Xiaoyuima Village again to see Li Guozhi have a lot of graceful gains and development, and his life was getting better and better.

The son went to the village, and his wife found a suitable job in the county. The pepper tree has grown up, the seedling sheds and grain storage warehouses have been built … Picking the bark, picking Songguo, planting corn … A few money is Li Guozhi’s income income. He work for more than 11 hours a day, and is the most diligent person in the village. In 2016, Li Guozhi told reporters: "I plan to have an annual income of 100,000 after 5 years!" In 2021, Li Guozhi’s pure income exceeded 120,000 yuan, achieving the target set that year.

  Xiaomao Ma Village is located on the peak of the deepest part of the Qinba Mountain area. The lower rivers of the east are the two river estuary town of Tongjiang County. With the resolute victory of poverty alleviation and the continuous advancement of rural revitalization strategies, the lives of the old people of Sichuan and Shaanxi are undergoing tremendous changes.

[Editor in charge: Li Tingyu].