Tang Youbo investigated the creation of civilized cities and grid -based construction of grassroots party building at the grassroots level

  On May 27th, Tang Youbo, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the People’s Congress of Anshun City, and Secretary of the Pingba District Committee, led the team to investigate the creation of civilized cities and the grid construction of grass -roots party building. Chen Pianfu, Minister of the District Party Committee and Secretary of the Party Working Committee of the Anping Street, and Huang Hengjian, deputy district chief, and relevant departments attended the investigation.

  Tang Youbo and his party came to the Golden Century Jiayuan Farmers Market and Liyang Farmers’ Market.

Tang Youbo carefully checked the situation of infrastructure, stall setting, and functional partitions in the market, and put forward opinions on the fact that the market infrastructure was not perfect, the booth settings were unclear, and the functional partitions were incomplete.

  Tang Youbo pointed out that the farmers ‘market connects millions of households and affects the vital interests of the people. It is related to the image of the city’s civilization and the management of the farmers’ market norms.

Relevant departments should take the standardized management of the marketing of farmers as an important starting point, reasonably optimize the layout of the agricultural market market, and comprehensively improve the infrastructure construction and environmental sanitation of the market and outside the market; we must continuously improve the level of normalized management and fundamentally solve the dirty and messy. The operations of occupation of the road to improve the long -term management mechanism of the farmers ‘market. It is necessary to combine the actual needs of the masses, improve the division of the farmers’ market area, and truly allow merchants to operate at ease, and to be assured of shopping. In the Xinxin Community, Tang Youbo understands the role of grid settings, grid team construction, party branch construction, party branch and party members in the work of grid work by checking the ledger information and on -site communication. The community grass -roots mesh management work was fully affirmed and guidance points were conducted on the difficulties and problems. Tang Youbo demanded that the community should improve their ideological awareness, strengthen responsibility, clarify work ideas, strengthen coordination and cooperation, improve the governance capacity and improve governance system, and jointly promote the creation of community civilization and residential autonomy. sense. Tang Youbo came to the Changlongtan Ecological Botanical Garden, while checking the vegetation situation while listening to the relevant situation. He pointed out that the natural landscape of Pingba District is unique, the ecological environment is beautiful, and the forestry resources are abundant. It is necessary to use endowment resources to create a high -quality ecological botanical garden.

He emphasized that all relevant departments should improve their political standing, adhere to the protection of Changlongtan Botanical Garden, change their ideas, revitalize assets, comprehensively enhance the comprehensive service function of botanical gardens, further strengthen the protection of biodiversity, strengthen the collection and management of plant resources, and strengthen the collection and management of plant resources. Efforts to improve ecological, social and economic benefits, and provide strong support for the strengthening of ecological civilization construction in Pingba District. (Jiang Qun Qin Yulan).