The construction of the Yunlin Expressway Project is fully promoted

The Yunxian to Lincang Expressway is an important part of the fifth vertical of the "Five Vertical Five, Five Horizons, Two Rings Twenty Unions, Twenty Lings, Twenty Lings, Twenty -Twenty Rings, Twenty -Twenty Rings, Economic trunk line. At present, the project company carefully manages and quality services in accordance with the requirements of the “energy -pass throughout the throughout the throughout the throughout the throughout the channel” project construction goals, and fully promote the project construction on the basis of paying close attention to quality, safety, and epidemic prevention and control.

At present, the road base has been excavated for 10,000 cubic meters, the filling square meters have completed a total of 10,000 cubic meters, the bridge pile foundation is 4533, the pier columns are 2903, and the beam board is 7248 pieces. It accounts for 78%of the design. The two -lining completion of 35,927 meters, the single -scale design of the Da Liangshan Special Tunnel of the Da Liangshan Special Tunnel of the Da Liangshan Tunnel is 2,445 meters, and the excavation is 11047 meters, accounting for 54%of the design. The right -handed excavation completed 5526 meters and the remaining 4684 meters.

According to the person in charge of the project, the projects of each contract section are accelerating, and the Civil Construction 1 contract section is ruled out of one side slope landslide. Other roadbeds, bridges, and tunnel projects have been completed. The roadbed and bridge projects have been basically completed; the 3 -contract section of the Civil Construction 3 contract except the bridge 1, No. 2 of Xintang House, the former Hanshan No. 1 tunnel, the Specialties Tunnel of the former Hanshan Mountain, and the Yangtou Rock It has been basically completed; except for the cold water -water service area, other projects have been completed, except for the cold -water cymbal service area; the main project of cold water toll stations and Yangtouyan toll stations has been completed, and the main project of the cold -water pupa service area has begun construction. The construction of roads, traffic, greening, and mechanical and electrical projects has been launched simultaneously. In the next step, Yunxian Interchange to Cold Water Establishing Killer’s Passenger Path, Traffic, Mechanical and Electrical, and Housing Construction Projects plan to be completed at the end of March 2022; Xintang Fangzi to Yangtouyan Lijiao section, traffic, mechanical and electrical, housing construction The project is planned to be opened to traffic after the end of June 2022; the full length of the Da Liangshan Special Tunnel is now completed and the remaining kilometers are completed. The remaining kilometers are planned to be completed at the end of September 2023. (Shen Shichun) Source: Lincang Daily (Responsible Editor: Mu Shengyu, Xu Qian) Share let more people see it.