Taiwan media report: Taiwan enterprises Guangda and Yingyeda Shanghai factory reinstated and shipped

It was reported on April 19. According to the report of the Taiwan Central News Agency on April 18, recently, the Shanghai factory of Taiwan Enterprise Guangda and Yingyeda resumed a small amount of shipments.

According to reports, Guangda said that its Shanghai plant production part of laptops and Internet of Things products, in conjunction with local resumption procedures and epidemic prevention measures, carried out conditional re -work, and resumed a small amount of production and shipments.

About 2,000 employees in the manufacturing city of Guangda Shanghai took the lead.It is reported that the main production server and intelligent devices of Yingyeda Shanghai plant, etc., started on the 19th that employees could not enter the closed production, which can currently ship in a small amount.

According to reports, the Weizhong Kunshan Factory, which has been device, etc., has also submitted a resumption application, and the specific time has not been determined; He Shuo Shanghai and Kunshan Factory are waiting for further instructions.