Low code+workflow, Yuanchuan Technology to help enterprises dual engines for digital transformation

Not much to say, enter the topic.What is the relationship between low code and workflow?Workflow engines include organizational structure, processes, nodes, steering rules, and it is similar to the control system of a car, such as: forward, reversing, braking, driver change, anchoring processing, and reaching the end.The operation of the process engine: sending, refunding, transfer, process operation and maintenance (adjustment, rollback), process end and other operations.The so -called low -code development can solve a basic application that can be developed directly in the back -configuration, such as: vehicle management system, scheduling system, and vehicle management system.To complete these applications, it needs: organizational structure, menu authority, process engine, form engine, report system and other aspects.Therefore, low -code+workflow, this set of combination, has naturally become an important engine to leverage the digitalization of enterprises.

Based on the technical development concept of helping industries and digital and efficient transformations of enterprises, the far -reaching technology development concept is deeply integrated with workflow technology, helping enterprises optimize the internal management process, accelerate the internal coordinated office process, and also supports the OA office system and CRM management system , BPM business processes, operation management, project management, call centers and other systems have been opened to solve the problem of information islands caused by various systems, as well as system switching costs, lack of talents in the integration of each system, and so on. Four characteristics: full process configuration design through zero code workflow module, remote transmission technology provides a visualized process configuration and built -in designer. Users can perform the construction of drag, pull nodes, connecting process configuration, and point -to -attributes according to the needs. The complete process design, and the process can be published with one click to perform permissions configuration, allowing users to easily implement the online approval process configuration.

多场景抽象节点设计远传科技配置搭建审批过程中的审批人、执行人、抄送人、分支节点等内容,并将业务抽象封装出系统节点、人工节点、手动分支、自动分支、会签开始、 The five categories of nodes will be signed to adapt to multi -scenario applications and continue to expand nodes and node attributes.

The allocation of strategy work orders is based on different roles or customized business rules to conduct circulation and judgment and process configuration. Yuanchuan Technology supports configuration to build a flexible work order distribution strategy. Through flexible distribution strategies, it can provide directly allocate according to the user group, roles, and personnel to achieve thousands of people and thousands of people and meet different business scenarios. A comprehensive news notification supports a variety of news notifications in the state of to be handled, copied, and end of the process. It includes four notifications such as email reminders, SMS notifications, in -site notifications, automatic circulation, external interfaces, and data special labels to support users Configuration timeout, real -time events, and time -effective time requirements within the process. Let the approval process and business progress dynamically and accurately grasp, and far -pass technology helps the enterprise’s standardization, institutionalization, and transparency. Core competitiveness: Workflow engine and low -code seamless fusion workflow engine and low code depth seamless integration, low -code development with a complete organizational management configuration module and work table module application, remote technology uses workflow engine to support low low Code development and zero code development and construction business application. Multi -rule engines, realize thousands of people and thousands of long -sides technology supporting multi -rule engines, meet the flexible configuration of multiple business conditions, multi -type role, and comprehensively adapt to the approval needs of multiple scenarios and multi -links of enterprises. All links in the overall allocation of the overall allocation of the effectiveness of the nodes are reduced in full -border configuration. The re -configuration of the node function is reduced. Yuanchuan Technology makes the entire approval process transparent, the record is clear, and it is convenient for re -examination and knotting afterwards. Node monitoring and improving office efficiency uses visualization and drag -and -dragging process modeling operations to realize the graphics of process monitoring. Yuanchuan Technology supports displaying the content of custom field modifications, etc.

Support the construction of any flexible interface and effectively control the process monitoring node.

Dynamic adjustment and flexible event handling mechanism supporting the flexible event handling mechanism can perform the dynamic adjustment of the work order priority according to the emergency situation of the matter.

You can also update the system table -related data when the status of the work order is created, processed, and suspended.

The complex current supports complex currents through custom configuration process form content, approval of operating permissions, data viewing permissions, etc., can be combined at will with complex and diverse business data, and supports the transfer of complex processes within the meeting. Classic case: A large car company-customer liaison center is to undertake the company’s strategic requirements. A large car company has standardized process in the sales field, and urgently needs to build a process standardization in the operation field. At present, the customer liaison center built by Yuanchuan Technology has been used to achieve process standardization. The core module Core module has system management functions, multimedia communication channel integration, call center construction, call center operation, work order management, reporting/rescue business management, complaints and complaints about business management, return to investigation management, Internet service, knowledge base. The traditional software experience of the customer’s pain points for more than ten years is deeply suffering from the software function.

T The business department is difficult to communicate with the IT department, and it is difficult to meet business demand. ? The data is not closed.

软 Later maintenance received software suppliers, low service efficiency, and high cost.

The benefits of customers 件 Software modification is flexible and easy to iterate.

、 Simple maintenance in the later period, high efficiency, and low cost.

, Internal business and management, the efficiency is improved at least 40%.

运 For enterprises to realize the marketing operation model from a service car to a service person, to create a standardized maintenance process.

户 Overall establishment of a standard process for the full life cycle of the customer.

The trend brought by digitalization today has penetrated into all walks of life. How companies stand proudly in the market of waves and clouds. In the key steps of corporate strategy, digital landing support is very important.

Far -pass technology workflow+low -code empowerment enterprises to achieve efficient synergy of cross -regional, cross -sectors, and cross -application.

In the future, Yuanchuan Technology will continue to iterate core low -code products, helping enterprises to quickly achieve business implementation, and become an important engine for enterprises to start digital transformation.

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