National Development and Reform Commission: To speed up the construction of a unified market in the country, we must deal with four major relationships in the four aspects

The picture shows a shop in a store in Nanjing Muzi Temple Scenic Area on October 5, 2021.

Seeking pictures Su Yang/Photo Second is to grasp the relationship between the national unified market and local competition. It is necessary to achieve a game of chess, unified markets, and unblocking large cycles in the country, improve the two enthusiastic institutions and mechanisms of the central and local governments, maintain the unity of national rule of law, unified government order, unified market, and clean up and abolish local protection, market segmentation, designated transactions, etc. Policies that prevent unified markets and fair competition.

Under the premise of maintaining the national unified market, regional regional regions are preferred to carry out regional market integration. Standarding improper market competition and market intervention do not mean to deny the differences in local development, but to require localities to transform from the quality subsidy of competition from preferential policy subsidies, "policy depressions" to the quality of competition for public services, and "reform highland". The third is to grasp the relationship between strong domestic markets and deepening opening up. The article pointed out that the national unified market as the basic support for building a new development pattern is by no means a domestic large market that closed the door to close and operated, but based on the unblocking domestic large cycle, effectively using global factors and market resources, to make the domestic market make the domestic market A strong domestic market with the international market better Unicom and full opening.

To build a large unified market in the country, we must not only use the market to promote competition and deepen division of labor, continue to promote the high efficiency and smoothness and scale expansion of the domestic market, but also pay more attention to institutional openness, promote the integration of internal and external rules, promote my country’s market to docking international high -standard market markets The rules implement the influence and radiation of the unified market in a larger range, wider field, and deeper level, and orderly expand the influence and radiation of the unified market.

The fourth is to grasp the relationship between the current key tasks and the direction of the medium and long -term reform. Building a national unified market is a systematic project. It is necessary to pay attention to the systemic, overall, and synergy of reform. On the one hand, we must adhere to the goal orientation, focus on the construction of the system, clarify target requirements, and promote the construction of a unified market.

On the other hand, we must adhere to the problem orientation, focus on solving outstanding contradictions and problems, scientifically grasp the steps and progress of the construction of market size, structure, organization, space, environment and mechanism, adhere to the combination of management and pipelines, focus on coordinated development and development and coordinated development and development. Security and enhance the ability to dynamically maintain market stability and economic security in an open environment.

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