GAC Toyota BZ4X starts with a pre -sale of 220,000 battery life 615 kilometers

Faced with the increasingly severe global climate change, as one of the earliest companies in China to achieve electricized models, GAC Toyota actively responded to the national new energy development policy and carbon peaks, carbon neutralization targets, and accelerated the layout of HEV/PHEV/BeV all the full Intelligent electrification products, and continue to expand deeply on this basis. [] On April 28, 2022, GAC Toyota’s first E-TNGA pure electric mid-size SUVBZ4X officially opened pre-sale. After the comprehensive subsidy, the pre-sale price was 10,000 yuan to 10,000 yuan. The new car will adopt a new sales model. During the pre -sale period, it will also provide car owners including: limited time pre -sale waiting rights and interests, Toyota Old Friends to enjoy rights and interests, and enjoy basic rights.

From the launch of the world’s first mass -produced HEV model in 1997, after 25 years of deep accumulation, Toyota’s all -round electric models have exceeded 20 million units worldwide, and set a record of the 0 accident of battery system. Based on Toyota’s global leading electrification technology system, GAC Toyota BZ4X faces the safety of power battery safety that consumers are most concerned about.

GAC Toyota BZ4X adopts a new design concept of "ActivityHub", which has achieved 100%reduction of concept cars in appearance. The shape is full of sense of power and technology.

Hammer -shaped shark -shaped front face, three -dimensional light sword -style taillights, stretching and dynamic body streamlines, all show the high -level texture of the charm and trendy. Equipped with a stacking dashboard of the remote vision point, providing the driver with the best driving sight to maximize the movement of sight when driving.

In terms of body size, the new cars are 4690/1860/1650mm, 2850mm ultra -long wheelbase, and 1000mm cross -level rear space, bringing more spacious and comfortable travel enjoyment to passengers.

GAC Toyota BZ4X is also equipped with many advanced configurations, Zhixiang Curdine Digital vehicle ecosystem, supports voice recognition, and supports OTA software upgrades; digital keys realize remote locks, locks, and start engines through smartphones; more memory functions; Scene intelligent parking assistants, even open parking spaces can be easily cope with parking through customized. Under narrow road conditions, remote control can be achieved through the smartphone APP. GAC Toyota BZ4X uses a high -performance and low attenuation battery. It has a world -class battery capacity maintenance rate and durability. After 10 years, the capacity maintenance rate is 90%(development target value).

The body adopts a comprehensive collision to respond to the structure, which can better protect the battery safety from impact.

In order to further improve the power performance of the entire vehicle and driving energy saving, and ensure the actual range of the winter, GAC Toyota BZ4X is equipped with a high -efficiency triple -in motor system, and through optimizing air power design, creating lightweight body, using heat pump air conditioning, using heat pump air conditioners , Equipped with a number of low -energy consumption measures such as infrared remote sensing heating systems at the front seat of the front seat, realized the 615km pure electric battery life under the CLTC operating standard. GAC Toyota BZ4X is equipped with a more environmentally friendly, cleaner and more efficient solar charging dome. It can obtain battery life by absorbing solar energy. The electricity obtained each year can increase the mileage of about 1750km. In terms of active safety, it is equipped with a new "Smart Safety Assistance Set", so that drivers can provide more stable security guardianships regardless of the critical moment of congestion or smooth driving, getting on and off, and more unpredictable moment.

GAC Toyota BZ4X, based on the E-TNGA architecture, achieves more outstanding driving control performance through low center of gravity and high rigid body design. Facing the Chinese market is actively exploring the introduction of OMG (OneMotionGrip) driving suite, which is composed of the steering wheel and line control steering system. You can complete the steering operation without changing your hands. The burden during the operation of the library.

At the same time, the new car also has the X-Mode four-wheel drive off-road assist mode, and is equipped with a newly developed GRIP-Control intelligent creep model to meet the needs of the use from daily life to light-fitting.