Jiangjiazhen: Carry out the tree planting festival activities to help enhance the living environment

Pick up the iron 添 to add green. The picture of Jiangjiazhen is facing the spring light. The tree -planting team reached the destination. Everyone took the hoe, iron, gloves, buckets and other planting tools to divide the work and cooperate, waving shovel, digging seedlings, raising seedlings, shovel into the pit into the pit into the pit into the pit. Irrigation and watering, busy. After planting in the morning, all 20 acres of wasteland were planted with saplings.

The original bare land had a new green green, and the villagers nearby said happily: "Wait until the spring of next year, the tree grows up, this piece must be very beautiful.

"It is reported that more than 1,000 trees were planted in this event, and the planted tree seedlings stood upright. The concept of green ecology took root in people’s hearts. Power. The person in charge of Jiangjiazhen Agricultural Service Center said that he will continue to do a good job in afforestation and greening, guide the masses to establish environmental awareness, and further improve the quality of rural living environment.

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