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In the past few days, the two nationwide conferences have caused a warm response among cadres and masses across Jilin Province. Everyone said that we must conscientiously study and implement the spirit of the two conferences of the country, work together, forge ahead, and welcome the 20th National Congress of the Party with excellent results. The party group of Changchun City Planning and Natural Resources Bureau organizes all system cadres to learn the spirit of the two sessions of the country, focusing on the work tasks involving the fields of planning and natural resources. Yin Hongyan, director of the Land and Space Planning Division, said that it is necessary to make good use of incremental, revitalize the stock, and open traffic, and reasonably arrange the index of land and space elements to give priority to ensuring that the industry and good projects are successfully settled. At present, it has clearly clarified 136 key tasks of the year, implemented responsibilities and time limit requirements, actively seized the time node of the pre -construction period, and efficiently planned planning and land use guarantee. Wang Jinwei, Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission and Director of the Supervisory Committee of Xichun City, said that it is necessary to seriously perform their duties, focus on the key tasks determined by the government work report to strengthen supervision, and highlight the daily supervision of key minorities, especially the "first leaders"; "The operating mechanism, comprehensive and multi -angle understanding the masses’ needs, urgency, and demands; organize the supervision and inspection of the special rectification of the special rectification of the business environment corruption and the key project of rural revitalization projects, deepen the heating and other fields, and promote the" "Umbrella and breaking the net" is normal.

Yuan Zhongyan, deputy secretary of the party committee of Liaoyuan City Public Transport Co., Ltd., said, "The government work report fully demonstrates the determination and responsibility of the party and the government to continue to realize the people’s longing for a better life.

As party members and cadres, we must keep in mind the responsibility of the mission, improve the quality of service, and use the service concept of bus services every day to make passengers happy to return. "" The government work report proposed ‘solid and steadily promoting rural reform and development and promoting comprehensive revitalization of the country’. This has made me full of energy and has a great responsibility. "Bian Mid -Autumn Festival, the first secretary of the Dakou Village, Dakou Village, Xinglin Town, Tonghua County, said that he would like to rely on the" two committees "of the village to rely on the resource endowment and red cultural heritage of Dakuogou Village to develop the agricultural special, red, and tourism industry, and coordinate the promotion of Daromougou. The "Top Ten Projects" in the village, creating a new model of revitalizing the rural Jilin country. Li Caiyun, the person in charge of the work of the new woodcake oil factory of Jilin Oilfield, has been paying attention to the news of the two sessions of the country in the past few days. "As a first -line petroleum worker, you must do it down -to -earth. In this job, leading the studio members, based on the actual needs of the production line, develop more new practical patents, national invention patents, and promotion of production technology.

Give full play to the example of the model of labor models to ensure that the post is responsible for no leakage operation and safe production. "(Reporter Zhang Weiguo Sui Erlong Li Ming Meng Fanming Dong Bo Wang Xinxin) (Responsible editor: Guan Sicong, Xie Long) Share more people see it.