Boai Traffic Police walks into the countryside to promote the "one helmet, one area" traffic safety knowledge

In order to effectively improve the traffic safety awareness and legal knowledge of rural masses, and effectively prevent and reduce road traffic accidents, on the morning of March 9th, the Boai Traffic Police Brigade went deep into the village of filial piety to honor the town. Many aspects were measured to carry out traffic safety knowledge promotion activities.

The brigade has a relatively high awareness of traffic safety in rural areas, and the traditional and warning -type publicity activities are not obvious. The traffic police adhere to the characteristics of the rural people’s family concepts, and strive to be popular and simple in terms of publicity content. , Affectionate, highlight the theme of family reunion, make the masses understand and be happy, and be educated in the subtle way to achieve the effect of propaganda. During the event, in order to better attract the majority of rural friends to learn traffic safety knowledge, the police distributed the traffic safety publicity pages and other information to the past villagers, and used the common way of pulling the family to understand the people. The characteristics of travel characteristics explain the harm of traffic violations such as driving motorcycles without helmets and agricultural vehicles.

The police also combined with two recent typical cases of agricultural vehicles that have occurred, reminding agricultural vehicles to strictly abide by traffic regulations, keep in mind: drinking without driving, driving without drinking, not taking agricultural vehicles, illegal operating bus and other aspects of traffic safety knowledge. Through this rural traffic safety propaganda police, the police in contact with the masses with zero distance, face -to -face communication and heart -attached communication, effectively improved the masses’ awareness of traffic safety, the awareness of the rule of law, and civilized travel awareness, and created a good traffic safety environment.

(Li Yan) Editor in charge: KJ005.