Chongqing "Hot Spring Twelve Golden Bad" series of micro -short dramas is officially launched

The startup ceremony Xinhuanet, Xinhuanet, Xinhuanet, May 31st. On May 30th, the "Hot Spring Twelve Golden Bad" series of the World Hot Spring Capital, hosted by Chongqing Culture and Tourism Commission, "Temperature", in Jiangbei Zone of Causeway Gouxiang Tangquan was officially launched. The "Hot Spring Twelve Golden Bad" series of micro -short dramas will be the first representative of Chongqing’s representative twelve hot springs, including Beizhen District Xinjing Hot Spring, King Kong Monument Hot Spring, Banan South Hot Spring, Xiuquan Yingyue, Yubei District Tongtong Tongtong, Yubei District Jing Hot Spring, Beidi Yiyuan, Jiulongpo District, Tangquan, River, Causeway, Jiangbei District, Tianci Huatang Hot Spring in Laoshan District, Tianxing International Hot Spring City in Nanchuan District, Longliang Hot Spring in Tongliang District, Qinglong Yitang, South Bank District.

The film will be based on the height of urban culture and the breadth of market communication. With the audience’s fixing film and television works as the means, it fully integrates cultural history, social hotspots, and hot springs, showing the urban IP of Chongqing’s "World Hot Spring Capital", allowing the audience to feel Chongqing people’s temperature, travel temperature, temperature of life and a city temperature. 12 groups of character groups, 12 different emotions expressing the character stories of the main theme show positive energy and local culture, and the details of the hot spring; not only transmitting the positive energy of the society, but also showing the characteristics of Chongqing hot springs.

  According to reports, compared with traditional promotional films, online dramas with story plots pay more attention to the emotional resonance with the audience.

The "Twelve Golden Squares" series of micro -drama will use a drama, one story, one character, one characteristic, and a hot creative method to thoroughly tap Chongqing local culture, integrate Chongqing’s natural scenery and humanistic heritage into the plot of the plot Among the middle, the public shows the unique hot spring tourism resources and historical and humanistic style of Chongqing.

The audience can experience the integration of historical stories and contemporary experience in the Beibei King Kong Monument Hot Spring, feel the hot spring memory of several generations of Chongqing people in the stories of Bannan South Hot Spring, and can also feel the spirit of "juvenile strong" in Tonglianglong Hot Spring. … This year is the tenth anniversary of Chongqing being rated as the "World Hot Spring Capital".

"The film will cooperate in depth with the broadcast platform to play and distribute the entire platform. Through the spread of the spread of film and television works, Chongqing will be promoted to build a world -class hot spring tourist city and hot spring nursing place, and continue to help the high -quality development of Chongqing Cultural Tourism Industry "The person in charge of the Chongqing Culture and Tourism Commission said.