Building a square cabin hospital is by no means a signal of the State Council joint prevention and control mechanism in response to epidemic prevention concerns.

At present, the global epidemic is still high, and the virus is constantly mutating.

In the past week, the number of new local infections across the country has dropped to less than 1,200 cases every day, and the scope of affected has been further reduced.

However, there are new local gathering epidemic, and the situation of the epidemic prevention and control is still severe and complicated. What is my country’s latest epidemic situation? How to do a good job of "external defense input and internal defense"? What are the standards for establishing a 15 -minute nucleic acid sample circle? The State Council’s joint prevention and control mechanism held a press conference on May 23 to respond to related hotspots. The national epidemic situation shows a stable decline in a stable decline. The spokesperson of the National Health and Health Commission of the National Health and Health Commission introduced that the existing local confirmed cases and asymptomatic infections in my country have fallen for 27 consecutive days, but there are new local gathering epidemic. Strict and complicated. Lei Zhenglong, deputy director and first -level inspector of the National Health and Health Commission’s Disease Control Bureau, said that recently, the national epidemic situation has shown a stable decline. At present, the Shanghai epidemic continues to improve the overall as a whole. It has been infected with less than 1,000 new infections per day for 8 consecutive days.

Beijing’s clustering epidemic and sporadic exfoliation are intertwined, and local areas and key groups still have the risk of infection.

Critical treatment is the last line of defense of the treatment of new crown medical treatment.

Guo Yanhong, a supervisory commissioner of the National Health and Health Commission’s Medical and Health and Health Commission, introduced that in order to ensure the treatment of patients with severe illnesses, the construction of designated hospitals must be strengthened, and patients with ordinary, severe type, criticalized type, and intensive risk are concentrated in designated hospitals. Adhere to the movement of the barrier during the treatment process, pay attention to "one person, one policy", and multi -disciplinary diagnosis and treatment. In addition, in the prevention and control of the epidemic, especially the elderly and people with basic diseases, try to protect themselves from infection when there is an epidemic.

She said that the vaccination of the new crown vaccine is still an effective measure to prevent severe illnesses, and encourages everyone to actively vaccinate the new crown vaccine to effectively protect their health and avoid the occurrence of severe illnesses. "As of May 22, a total of over 100 million vaccines have been reported across the country, and over 100 million people have completed the whole process.

"Lei Zhenglong said that recently, the National Health Commission has re -deployed and re -arrange for localities, actively promotes the vaccination of the elderly, and strives to" get over ". Zhongzhi’s strict and strict grasp of the inbound sanitation quarantine, strengthen the monitoring and testing of the new coronary virus mutation strain, and continue to do a good job of "multi -illness and prevention" … Li Zhengliang, deputy director of the General Secretary of the General Department of Health and Quarantine of the General Administration of Customs, said that the General Administration of Customs has always been Persist in strict main tone, scientifically and accurately do a good job of preventing and controlling the prevention and control of the port epidemic. It is worth noting that in the near future, the epidemic such as acute severe severe severe severe severe severe severe severe severe severe severe severe severe severe severe causes has outbreak in many countries.

Li Zhengliang said that the General Administration of Customs organized experts to conduct risk assessments in a timely manner, deployed the national customs to strengthen the entry sanitary quarantine work at the port, strengthen multi -sector joint prevention and joint control, strictly prevent epidemic input risks, and prevent epidemic overlay. Kong Fanwei, deputy director of the Civil Aviation Administration’s Flight Standard Division, introduced that the Civil Aviation Administration, combined with the recent needs of the prevention and control situation of the epidemic, strictly implemented the preventive and control measures of a normalized epidemic, further scientifically and reasonably delineated the scope of closed -loop management, plus strict closed -loop management measures, so as to achieve international and domestic aircraft weapons , Unit, passengers, guarantee personnel, facilities, equipment, and passage venues are "six completely separated". The area does not overlap, and the moving lines do not cross, ensuring physical isolation, completely closed, and independent operation.

Kong Fanwei reminded that in addition to the hand disinfection work before boarding, passengers must consciously abide by the various epidemic prevention regulations of the opportunity, and standardize the mask throughout the process. Avoid exposure risks due to insufficient personal protection.

Building a square cabin hospital is by no means a signal nucleic acid test with severe epidemics. The development of normalized nucleic acid testing in high -risk input risks in the epidemic is conducive to improving the sensitivity of epidemic monitoring and early warning.

At present, many cities and regions in China have successively explored the implementation of normalized nucleic acid testing. "It is not required that all cities must establish a 15 -minute walking nucleic acid sample circle, mainly focusing on the provincial capital cities and cities with a population of tens of millions of cities.

Guo Yanhong said that in the frequency, it is not required that all people must be tested once every 48 hours. The specific detection frequency must be determined due to the situation. According to experts The laboratory may cause false positive due to pollution due to the operation of the experiment.

Guo Yanhong said that in order to avoid false positives in the maximum extent, the National Health and Health Commission requires that various testing agencies should further implement the requirements of nucleic acid testing technical guidelines and work regulations, strengthen the frequency of disinfection and cleaning of environmental instruments and work tables, and minimize laboratory pollution to the maximum extent. , Reasonably arrange the staff to avoid excessive fatigue.

Recently, the National Health and Health Commission proposed to plan in advance to prepare for a fixed -point hospital and square -cabin hospital.

"Building a square cabin hospital is by no means a signal of serious epidemic." Guo Yanhong said that in order to maximize the relationship, the relationship between the treatment of the epidemic and the normal medical treatment should be coordinated. The medical treatment system that is actively combined with the urgent combination of flattening is taken to take classification and treatment.