Shilong District, Pingdingshan City: Solving the old soldiers as a house care to solve the tenderness

The Retired Military Affairs Bureau continues to carry out practical work for the veterans and help rural revitalization activities In order to continue to carry out the capacity of the construction year, the retired soldiers’ affairs bureau of Shilong District, Dingshan City continues to expand the content of the service guarantee of retired soldiers, and vigorously create respect for soldiers and respect for soldiers. Retired soldiers have a strong atmosphere, carefully planned me to do practical things for veterans, care for home showing warmth series, timely understand their difficulties and demands, do their best to do practical problems for retired soldiers, and continuously improve the sense of gain, happiness, and honor of retired soldiers. And identity, make every effort to consolidate the results of tackling and help rural revitalization.

The first is to change a new house in dangerous houses and co -organized the whole process. Absorb the lessons of Zhengzhou’s July 20th heavy rainstorm disaster. The Shilong District Retired Military Affairs Bureau started early, using the three -level service system to carry out special investigation activities for retired soldiers’ self -built houses, and went deep into the home of retired soldiers to investigate and record problems in detail.

After investigation, a retired soldier’s house in the Laoshu Store community in Longxing Office was caused by a long time due to the long -term disruption and the severe rain of heavy rain. Due to the great safety hazard in the house, the Shilong District Retired Military Affairs Bureau attaches great importance to it, and immediately studies the problem solving. After multiple communication and coordination, it finally coordinated a set of square rice dilapidated houses and resettlement houses, and assisted in the process of assisting in processing. All house purchase procedures and hydropower procedures. The second is to ask for salary for soldiers and do their best.

The Shilong District Retired Military Service Center received a help from a retired soldier, saying that his migrant worker brick factory owed him 4,000 yuan. After learning about this, the Shilong District Retired Military Affairs Bureau immediately arranged for a special person to go to the Labor Supervision Brigade of the District Human Resources and Social Security Bureau to report the situation and actively assist the relevant functional departments to collect arrears information. After fully communicating with the relevant person in charge of a brick factory, he recovered all the wages arrears for the retired soldier.

The third is precise assistance and solve problems. I have got the house purchase contract, and the water and electricity are all over. Thank you for your care and care of the retired soldiers’ affairs bureau for the veteran veterans.

On May 18th, a retired soldier expressed his sincere gratitude to the retired veteran of the Shilong District Retired Military Affairs Bureau, and gave precise assistance to precise assistance. A retired soldier in Zhangzhuang Community, who lives in Gaozhuang Office, was in a foreign country when he signed a house purchase contract. As a result, he did not sign in time, which caused the current decoration house to be unable to open water and electricity. After learning about the incident, the Shilong District Retired Military Affairs Bureau came to the second phase of the Zhangzhuang community project department and the district construction transportation bureau to actively coordinate the signing of the purchase contract. At present, the house purchase contract of the retired soldier has been made up and got it in hand, and the water and electricity have been opened, and they are waiting to be renovated. Informationman: Tao Longren’s Disable Statement: There is risks in the market, and you need to be cautious when choosing! This article is for reference only and does not make a basis for buying and selling. Editor in charge: KJ005.