Fiji President Katoni Wayle met with Wang Yi

Xinhua News Agency, Suwa, May 30 (Reporter Zhang Yongxing Guo Xinhui) On May 30, local time, Fiji President Katoni Weilei met with the State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi, who was visiting Feifei at the Presidential Palace. Katoni Vere asked Wang Yi to convey his sincere greetings to President Xi Jinping and congratulate the Chinese Communist Party for a century last year.

He expressed his admiration for President Xi Jinping and the great achievements in China, and thanked China for the long -term selfless support help, so that Fei can accelerate economic development and improve people’s living standards. Fei Zhongyou’s friendship has a long history, and Fiji is proud of the strong Fei -China relations. It will continue to adhere to a Chinese policy, deepen cooperation in various fields, and achieve common development and prosperity. Wang Yi conveyed President Xi Jinping’s cordial greeting to President Coronney Wayle, saying that the Communist Party of China was committed to the Chinese nation’s Qianqiu and the great cause.

The Communist Party of China adheres to the guidance of Marxism’s advanced theory, is brave in self -revolution, has always maintained vitality, and has been widely supported by the Chinese people.

Under the leadership of President Xi Jinping, China has found the development path that is in line with its own national conditions, while achieving two major miracles of social stability and rapid economic development at the same time.

We have completed the first century -old goal, completely getting rid of absolute poverty, and are taking a solid step towards the second century -old struggle goal.

1.4 billion Chinese people, which account for one -fifth of the world’s population, to achieve common prosperity and modernization, and will make significant contributions to human development and progress. Wang Yi emphasized that the revitalization of China’s development is the common achievement of developing countries and the enhancement of world peace, which means that China will have more resources and more powerful the legitimate rights and interests of developing countries on the international stage.

Some forces are precisely because they are unwilling to see China’s development and growth, and make up the development of China. However, the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation is irreversible. China will continue to trust, support each other, strengthen unity, and develop together with developing countries. Wang Yi said that in the past 47 years of establishment of diplomatic relations between Zhongfei, relations between the two countries have suffered various risks and challenges. Regardless of how the international and regional situation changes, China has always pursued a friendly policy for Fei, supports Fiji to achieve prosperity and prosperity, and play a greater role in regional and international stages.

I would like to carry out more people’s livelihood projects with Fiji, implement the cooperation between President Xi Jinping’s caring, and bring more real benefits to the people of Fiji. (Responsible editor: Yue Hongbin, Yang Mu) Share let more people see it.