Listen to the Voice of Fine Progress of the New Journal -Back in the 2022 National Congress "Representative Channel"

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, March 9th: Listening to the Voice of the Voice of the New journey 2022 The representative of the National People’s Congress looked back at Xinhua News Agency’s greatest achievements and pride, is to do one thing for others and society seriously Essence

On March 8th, on the second representative channel of the Fifth Session of the National People’s Congress of the 13th National People’s Congress, representatives of Liu Faying, vice president of Huaping Primary School, Huaping Primary School of Longzhou Ping Town, Changyang Tu, Hubei, faced the camera and screen, and expressed their mission and responsibility Essence Forests who build the Great Great Wall, the mother -in -law mother who loves and educate and loves the bone of the iron man, is only for Guotai Minan’s anti -epidemic medical staff & hellip; & hellip; on the two representative channels on the 5th and 8th, 17 The representatives of the National People’s Congress from the grass -roots level from the grass -roots level show the changes and achievements around them with a lively stories of their duties. In the new journey towards the new journey towards high -quality development, they have issued a sound of persuasion of innovation, bravery, and unscrupulous progress. In the past year, major scientific and technological achievements in my country have continued to emerge, and innovation capabilities have been further enhanced. In the future, how to improve key core technologies and how to cultivate key core technologies for scientific and technological talents are not coming, not buying, or not. They must rely on independent innovation. Lu Wenjun, member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee of China Yizhong Group Co., Ltd., was deeply touched by this. In order to master the key core technologies in their own hands, after nearly 10 years of hard work, they developed a million -kilowatt low -voltage rotor representing the highest level of nuclear power island, which represents the highest level of thermal processing, and got rid of the state of being restrained.

It is the innovative spirit of the generation of equipment that has been able to overcome difficulties, perseverance, and dare to be the first, so that we are more confident and determined to develop China’s equipment manufacturing industry. Lu Wenjun’s words are firm.

The key to innovation and development lies in people.

In the new era, the textile female worker Wang Xiaofei shared the story of her struggle in the fine yarn workshop and bold innovation.

As a senior technician in Hengfeng Group, Texas, Shandong Province, Wang Xiaofei created a tight spinning wound roller inclined joint operation method, which reduced the employment of a 43 car workshop to 6 people per class. Nearly 50 %. We are the latitude and weft structures of hand dance silver silk weaving dreams. I will continue to adhere to their posts, inherit the spirit of craftsmen, and use innovation and efforts to polish the Chinese textile manufacturing brand.

Wang Xiaofei said emotionally.

Due to the accidental loss of the right -handed thumb, the Chinese Petroleum Jinxi Petrochemical Branch, Wang Shangdian, created a unique measurement method, applied dozens of innovative achievements to production; Beijing Architectural Design Research Institute and Shougang Group chief architect Wu Chen Representatives creatively put forward the concept of the symbiotic hospital and create a living environment that reflects the new life of Lao Hutong; Liu Xiya, the principal of the Xiejiawan School in Chongqing, innovatively optimized the campus life process, and stimulates children’s learning enthusiasm & hellip; & hellip; The story of difficulty and pioneering innovation has become a lively melody that represents the end of the channel. In 35 years of persistence, the welding problem was overwhelmed in one day. The forest and grass industry has built the Green Great Wall of Northern Xinjiang for 30 years. 30 Spring and Autumn Period is busy in community work & hellip; & hellip;

In the eyes of Jiang Tao, the coordinated metal welding squad leader of Guizhou Aerospace Tianshima Electrical Technology Co., Ltd., he insisted that he and the team have been engaged in the welding of aerospace products for 35 years. I only do one thing with a welding torch, that is, to surpass myself again and again, and overcome the domestic welding technology difficulties.

Jiang Tao said that he hopes that his technology can be better passed down and cultivate more great artisans for the country. Perseverance has made the Green Great Wall of the Northern Xinjiang more firm. Chen Liang, the webmaster of the Forest Prairie Fire Station of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, has long been integrated with the protection of forests and grasslands and life for 30 years. Protecting nature is the lifelong responsibility of many forests. As long as the forest is kept, it is worth it.

This is our most authentic forest farm guardian.

Chen Liang said that in the future, he will spare no effort and responsibilities to continue his struggle in order to build the thousand -mile green Great Wall in the north of the motherland. Thirty spring and autumn rooted in the community, dealing with short trivial matters and trivial matters of parents, and combining community home visits and listening to the voice of the people. Yang Rong, deputy director of the Sanqiao Police Station of the Public Security Bureau of Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province, represented the daily adherence. Since work, Yang Rong has been concerned about the masses. She has investigated and visited the family situation of children and children, participated in the submission of the proposal to the formulation of the family education promotion law, and was adopted. Let the masses truly feel that the people’s democracy is around.

The grass -roots policeman’s words are proud. The voice of the mission contributes suggestions for the country and spoke to the workers, so that everyone can get a glittering life. It is the responsibility and mission represented by the email receiver of Shanghai Post Group Co., Ltd. Shanghai Post District Center. With the help of all parties in the society, Chai Flash has grown from a migrant worker to the postal industry. After being elected as a representative of the National People’s Congress, he actively visited the investigation and put forward suggestions such as maintaining the rights and interests of workers to help those workers who just entered the city to better integrate into the city. I am willing to reflect the hopes of more grass -roots workers by myself through my own duties. Through the joint efforts of everyone, I can gain a glittering life together.

Chai glitter said firmly. For Liu Faying, it is her mission and responsibility for more children to get the opportunity to go to school and have a brilliant life. She used a network cable to set up a bridge of love and help. As of the end of February this year, she and her team had raised more than 29 million yuan in students to help more than 4,300 poor students studying.

Don’t abandon goodness, don’t give up hope, don’t forget your original intention.

Today, many students who have received funding that year may choose to return to the remote school after graduating from college, or insist on funding poor students every year, continue to use their own actual actions dream.

Sprinkle youth and sweat on the field of hope on the road of rural rejuvenation to make the vanguard and make the Sanjiang sources clean, so that the Chinese water tower is strong and abundant & hellip; & hellip; The most exciting voice of this spring. (Reporter Qi Zhongxi, License, Fan Sixiang, Zhou Yuan) Tags:.