Hainan Wenchang: Yellow lantern peppers get the new fruit of the harvest industry

People’s Network Wenchang, March 10th (Chen Haiyan) Recently, at the yellow lantern pepper planting base in Qingshan Village, Wenchang City, Hainan, a yellow lantern pepper is growing up, and mature high -quality peppers are covered with branches, showing a harvest harvestscene.

After entering the picking period at the end of February this year, more than 20 workers were busy picking peppers almost every day in the base.

In recent years, the Qingshan Village Committee of Wencheng Town Wenchang City has adopted the "Order" agriculture of "farmers+company+cooperatives". More than 30 acres of yellow lantern peppers planted last year was harvested, and the price was unreasonable. Local agricultural developmentAdded new industries, and the industry’s revitalization has shown a trend.(Responsible editor: Chen Haiyan, Jiang Chengliu) Share let more people see it.