The construction of the Water Conservancy Project of the "Hundred Treasure Conferences" of Guizhou Province was launched

According to reports, this competition focuses on the positioning of the "Fourteenth Five -Year Plan" water conservancy strategy of Guizhou, focusing on the shortcomings and weak links of the water conservancy, with the construction of the large water network, with the guidance of improving the water governance capacity of Guizhou, retaining regional limited water resources, ensuring The safety of people’s livelihood and economic operation, ensuring the demand for high -quality development, protecting natural and good water ecology, creating a good atmosphere of "comparison, learning, catching up, helping, and super". Employee’s main force. It is understood that this competition will participate in all employees of all design, construction, supervision, management and other units in the construction of water conservancy projects in the province. In the mission of water conservancy engineering construction, the main content of "comparison quality, comparison production, comparison production, technology innovation, more civilized construction, comparison team management, comparison progress, creating boutique projects".

Yi Yun, a member of the Party Group and Deputy Director of the Guizhou Provincial Department of Water Resources, said that he hoped that the participating teams would focus on the actual situation of the water conservancy project construction during the "Fourteenth Five -Year Plan" period, give full play to the spirit of model workers, the spirit of labor, and craftsmanship, and to create a "glory of labor and excellence for the laborer. "Social style and professionalism.

Firmly grasp the main content of "six to one creation", consider coordinated, and promote it in all aspects. Under the premise of ensuring quality and safety and engineering progress, find the point of view, focus on carrying forward their respective advantages, study the key points of color, comprehensively highlight the employees Style and corporate style, continue to compose the spirit of labor of the people’s work hard, sing the "most glorious labor, the greatest labor, the lofty labor, and the most beautiful labor".