How to build a unified market in the country? The National Development and Reform Commission analyzes seven key tasks

The picture shows a digital RMB in a coffee shop in Xicheng District, Beijing on February 17, 2022. China News Agency reporter Yang Kejia/Photo Second is to promote high standards of market facilities. Smooth market facilities are the basic conditions for the smooth economic cycle. The focus is on improving the circulation network, unblocked information interaction, and enriching platform functions as the starting point, focusing on improving the efficiency of market operation.

It is necessary to promote the construction of the national logistics hub network, vigorously develop multi -type transportation, improve the national comprehensive three -dimensional transportation network, promote the construction of multi -level integrated comprehensive transportation hubs; further optimize the publicity of the market entity information, facilitate the information interconnection of the market entity; deepen the public resource trading platform Integrate sharing, study the standards and methods of various public resources transactions into the unified platform system, and continuously improve the rules of the commodity market trading rules. The third is to create a unified element and resource market. The free flow of factor resources is an important guarantee for improving the efficiency of economic cycle. The core is to guide the coordination of various factors to gather to advanced productivity.

It is necessary to improve the mechanism of coordination of different types of factors reform measures, improve the unified land and labor market of urban and rural areas, and promote the smooth flow of talents across regions; accelerate the development of unified capital markets and adhere to the real economy of financial services; accelerate the cultivation of unified technology and data markets, and accelerate the cultivation of unified technology and data markets. Encourage scientific and technological information exchanges and interaction between different regions, establish and improve basic systems and standards such as data security, rights protection, etc., and improve the productivity of full factor; relying on building a national unified energy market and cultivating the development of a unified ecological environment market, giving full play to full play The multiplication effect of resource flow gives strong economic growth.

The fourth is to promote the high level of the commodity and service market. The commodity and service market is the most direct market for the people, which is closely related to the well -being of the people’s livelihood.

Focus on the areas of the people’s concern and the concerns of the market, and strive to improve the quality and standard system.加快健全商品质量体系,推动重点领域主要消费品质量标准与国际接轨,推进内外贸产品同线同标同质;不断完善标准和计量体系,优化政府颁布标准与市场自主制定标准结构,对国家标准和Industry standards are integrated and streamlined; comprehensively improved the quality of consumer services, focusing on key people’s livelihood fields such as housing, education and training, medical and health, and pension care, promote the formation of open consumer rights protection matters, and improve the measures for disputes.

The fifth is to promote fair and unified market supervision.

Improve government supervision efficiency is an inevitable requirement for maintaining the normal order of the market.

It is necessary to unify the rules of supervision, strengthen the administrative legislation of market supervision, improve market supervision procedures, strengthen the standardized and standardized construction of market supervision, and publicize supervision standards and rules in accordance with the law; strengthen unified law enforcement, coordinate law enforcement resources, reduce law enforcement levels, uniform law enforcement standards and procedures, and unified law enforcement standards and procedures. Standardize law enforcement behaviors, reduce free tailoring, and promote fair and fair law enforcement; we must comprehensively improve supervision capabilities, improve "dual -random, one open" supervision, credit supervision, "Internet+supervision", cross -departments coordinated supervision, accelerate smart supervision, establishment of establishment Improve the network supervision and collaboration mechanism of cross -administrative regions. Sixth, further standardize improper market competition and market intervention behavior.

The removal of various interests and barriers to market is the core essential of removing the "roadblocks" of unified unified markets in the country. We must carry out antitrust and anti -unfair competition in accordance with the law.

Clean up and abolish the policies of local protection, market segmentation, designated transactions, etc. in time that hinders unified markets and fair competition; comprehensively clean up various preferential policies for foreign -funded enterprises and foreign enterprises, and implement local protection; Regulations for exit; continuously clean up the regulations and practices of the construction of the bidding procurement violation of the unified market construction. Seventh, strengthen organizational implementation guarantees.

Take targeted measures in strengthening positive guidelines, clarifying negative lists, improving incentives and constraints, and promoting regional collaboration, establishing and improving the coordination mechanism of departments that promote the construction of unified markets in the country, increase overall coordination and coordination, strengthen tracking evaluation, and timely urge inspections; Explore and study the national unified market construction standard guide, release improper intervention in the list of unified national unified market construction issues in a timely manner, establish a typical case notification and interview and problem rectification system; give priority to the development of regional market integration, establish a sound regional cooperation mechanism, and actively summarize And copy and promote typical experience and practices.

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