Beijing Mobile 5G + unmanned agricultural machine appeared in Beijing

  Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, November 8 (Reporter Li Feng) Recently, in the 5G + Unattended Wisdom Agricultural Machinery Demonstration Experimental Demonstration Base, Beijing Miyun District, Beijing Mobile and Beijing Agricultural Machinery Test Identification and Promotion Station The 5G + unmanned wisdom agricultural machinery launched a live demonstration, which is a step in exploring 5G driver’s technology applications, agricultural machinery data analysis and operational data in depth.

  5g + unmanned agricultural machinery conducts live demonstration in Beijing.

  In 500 mu farmland in Chenzhuang Village, Chenzhuang Village, Miyun District, five tilting with different operational machines are in progress, five agricultural machinery, cooperate with tacit, precision, order, independent work .

Although there is no driver, these agricultural machinery are like "independent wisdom", but they can not only distinguish the operation area and boundary area, which will automatically control the machine action, but also implement the U-shaped and the original fish tail, and the working line accuracy Only the error of the centimeter. It is understood that under the support of China Mobile 5G + Beidou Gaojing Positioning Technology, the positioning of agricultural machinery can be accurate to cm level.

Compared to traditional cultivation, precision positioning can effectively reduce broadcast, replay, ensure straight lines of agricultural machinery, effectively enhance agricultural resource utilization, and season results. In addition, 5G + unmanned intelligent agricultural machinery can realize autonomous operations, automatic head, automatic improvement and putting machine according to the planning path, and can realize the quality of real-time monitoring operations, statistical effective operating area after cooperating with angle sensors. 5g + unmanned agricultural machinery conducts live demonstration in Beijing.

  Beijing Mobile’s relevant person in charge said that it can save manpower and improve efficiency, so that every inch land extends the maximum value of agriculture is a trend, 5G + unmanned intelligent agricultural machinery, can help achieve accurate agriculture, contribute to developing agricultural digitization.