A greeting, a hidden cloud computing world with the surging sound

Original title: greeting, the hidden cloud computing with the world of sound surging 10086 This is probably the number of people in addition to phone loved ones, the most familiar number.

Along the way so far, 10086 have not only check the bill, asked the single-function package, but to accommodate the large number of Chinese mobile customer service system services and applications, covering Internet, telephone, live video and so on customer service solutions, both countless professional and gentle little brother and little sister, is also on call 24 hours a day artificial intelligence. If I tell you, and that you will feel free to talk for a while to dial the number, hidden behind an unprecedented era of cloud computing "big change", you will not know what to think? In fact, the 10086 is the largest customer service system, a subsidiary of China Mobile Group subsidiary shift online Services Limited (in-line shift) to provide technical support and services responsible for the construction. This system requires a huge customer ultimate performance platform support, wherein the portion of the architecture of this part of the platform is based on the "+ K8S + Roc container" native cloud technology stack. Online cloud platform shift in container carrying the whole network of China Mobile 10086 customer service system integration, customer service, including voice, Internet customer service, customer service and intelligent video live customer service and other core systems, business systems involving more than 350 modules, more than 1800 applications, services, 7500 more than one in one year to achieve the world’s largest customer service system of the original cloud biochemistry, a raging diversity computing era is blowing. Sisters behind small voice, is the world’s largest cloud cloud original biochemical customer service system native, is a very important enterprise-wide cloud era a goal, one of the greatest value of cloud computing is to bring the industry. The so-called cloud native, refers to the application from design to deployment, to operation and maintenance done entirely in the cloud, cloud based whole infrastructure to build infrastructure and application systems. Compared to traditional local applications, cloud native will bring a number of advantages.

For example, the system can reduce the failure rate by micro-services model to enhance software operation and maintenance efficiency.

Better enjoy cloud computing, distributed deployment, flexible computing features, to achieve continuous delivery of the container and so on.

In the effort to move online, the shift online cloud platform container 10086 customer service system successfully completed the migration of native cloud.

That now you hear every sound from 10086 to say hello, have to show a special value to bring intelligent cloud native connection times. Specifically, the native cloud platform gives 10086 series of value adding: achieved through self-study extends the container off-site cloud platform to deploy active-active architecture, relying on the cloud fast native elastically stretchable and resource scheduling advantage, with the support of various types of bursty traffic scene, fast scheduling resources capacity, operation and maintenance of applications to enhance the efficiency of more than 35%, to ensure that the 10086 customer service system, "%" of high reliability. To achieve the real-time monitoring of customer service and scheduling digital operational capabilities, the customer service hotline, the Internet customer service, outbound marketing, and other devices have the ability to demand use of resources, increased system flexibility, reduced resource consumption. China Mobile to achieve the overall cloud infrastructure into the container of the transition from the traditional virtualization, the container base system resource consumption reduced by about 60%, profit more than 1,000 old servers, saving server hardware investment of nearly billion. Easy to see that the cloud is a key step in the original biochemical 10086 customer service system digital upgrade, bringing a large number of direct value of the estate, 10086 customer service system to help maintain the industry-leading service level.

10086 cloud original biochemical is completed by the middle shift online, it can be said that China Mobile is a key step on the digital upgrade. In this case, the 10086 customer service system clouds behind, which underlying pillars play a role? The powerful boost from the calculation of Zengpeng wants to successfully support the complex and huge 10086 customer service system cloud original, and there is a solid-reliable diversity calculation basis, so that the 10086 customer service system can have robust operation, fast, fast The ability to expand. In order to achieve high performance, diversity calculation goals, China Transfer Online Selection and Huawei cooperation, based on the Ru Peng computing platform to create a container cloud platform solution, providing a variety of cloudy biochemical resources of 10086 customer service system. The bonus of Pope makes the middle-shift online container cloud platform can quickly expand the number of cluster instances at any time, and adjust the NGINX load policy to achieve better disaster preparation capabilities.

Such computing power is from the TAISHAN server-high performance, green calculation of the TAISHAN server based on the Pengpeng processor, helping customers achieve the virtualized field view of container clouds, and the equivalent configuration of virtual density is 20% higher than the industry average.

At present, this platform has entered the commercial phase, and the compatibility and availability of the Pipe computing platform have been verified.

The successful trial of the Songpeng Computing Platform in the middle shift indicates that the container cloud in the middle shift has been compatible with the smooth compatibility of the calculation of the ecology.

As a key partner of the middle shift online, Huawei provided by Huawei is a key support point behind 10086 customer service system cloud.

Based on the cooperation of the Tongpeng computing platform, the middle-moving online container cloud platform upgraded from the underlying infrastructure, OS, and container clouds to the end-to-end power base capability of the business application layer, and the development of the software ecological adaptation, and development It is a solid foundation with rapid expansion adaptation in the Ru Peng Computational Ecology.

鲲 Peng calculates the digital transformation of ecological activation, and intelligent upgrade effect is constantly being strengthened. The cooperation between China and Huawei is the epitome of this cloud and calculation change.鲲 鲲 展 展: Cooperation between China and Huawei and the Innovation as a professional subsidiary subordinates from China Mobile Group, is committed to becoming an excellent online service provider. In China Mobile system, China Mobile customers provide Internet services, call services, telephone marketing, and recent support services for telephone marketing and front desk business. While receiving China Mobile’s full network service, China Transfer online is also vigorously expanding the external market, outputting service products to the society, which is also a key ring of China Mobile explores digitization services. In the Ru Peng Computing Industry Ecology, there is no doubt that the middle shift in the online container cloud platform is a special one. It can be said that the online cooperation between China and Huawei is an important in the operation of the operator business in the cloud and calculation era. shake hands. In the face of new technology, new scenarios, new business logic, medium shifts to explore many possible tasks in the future, and the key to future connection is to build the ecological and supply of the future development of the industry. Commercial system. In this case, the unique value of the Calculating industry ecology is standing out. 5G era, enterprises are becoming a general trend, and the objective requirements for cloud-oriented scenarios, intelligent calculation trends, high performance computing demand and diversity calculations have unique strategic advantages: can provide a series of full clouds The characteristics and ecological value of digital upgrades are very critical. Under this major trend, the middle shift online and Huawei work together to study, discuss and discuss new opportunities for the digital world of the future. Since 2019, China Transfer online and Huawei launched a series of industrial cooperation, emphasizing the cooperation and common future exploration based on the Ecological Critical Calculation Industrial Ecology. Such a digital handshake is a trend in the development of the Papeng computing industry, driving various industries to complete digital upgrades for future intelligent worlds. The number of numbers: From 10086 cloud original to diversity calculations, we deeply feel what is "the only constant change". From the national plan to the people’s livelihood to the science and technology industry, all kinds of changes are lingering around everyone.

For digital upgrading in various industries, 2020 is not only 5G-scale commercialization, but also the starting point of profoundly.

In numerous options, Xu Peng calculations is undoubtedly a key grip of many industries. Whether it is the driving of the international science and technology, it is also a total of 5G commercially promoted, the era of diversity, and the characteristics of Xu Peng calculations are amplified by the times demand, and become an important assistance in digital upgrading in various industries. 10086 Customer Service System Yunhua is a quite convincing certificate, cloud original, intelligent calculation of fusion, flexible calculation deployment for mobile scenes, extension calculation needs emerging in a large number of new scenes, this series of changes are promoting In-depth combination of thousands of years, and become the sails and boats in the digital wave.

In the greetings from 10086, we can not only feel the beautiful life of the moving era, but also hear the sound from the cloud and calculate the world. (梅) (Editor: Zhao Zhuqing, Lu Wei) Sharing let more people see.