Altay Region: Tour "Sword" inserted into the bottom link without dead end

"Dong Group, this time to take up and down the patrol way is very good, we are local cadres, it is not easy to avoid human disturbance, have you to do the backing, we do your sentist, this work is good." Altai area Fu Yun County Li Cuihong, a leader of the fourth patrol group, and the local committee patrol group said. "In order to avoid human interference, we need to carry out insight into the top-level joint linkage model of the county and county, in accordance with the leadership team of the local committee patrol, which is more helpful in advancing the patrol work, especially in the field of poverty alleviation …" Dong Yong, the fourth patrol group of the Altayi Region.

"I heard that you are a regional patrol group? I want to reflect something, our tap water pipe to my house is aging, our village is old, and the opening of the spring water pipe is frozen, often stopping water, I am in the village It has not been shown many times, waiting for the weather and water, we will go up on the mountain.

The herders of Horson Southala Village, Keelby Town, Fu Yunxia. "Okay! The young man, we have already recorded this question you said.

"" Will n’t wait for me to graze it, don’t you have, right? "You rest assured, we will find a way to help you solve this problem. "Comrade" The Comrade of the Party Pass "quickly surveyed the issue, promptly reflected all the procedures of all the procedures, reflected in the country party committee, and delivered the" Timing Table of the Problem Dynamic Dance Problem during Tour ", requiring it Develop a reform desk account in time.

The township party committee attaches great importance to the issue of the issue. It turned out that the animal husbandry village of summer husbandry is on the mountain grazing, there is no person in the family, some infrastructure damage in the village cannot be maintained in time, and some facilities need to be repaired in a suitable climatic condition, and there is "in summer, winter low temperature can’t repair. "The phenomenon, and the best maintenance time is before the herdsmen in spring, so some animal husbandry villages will block the plug, and the circuit damage cannot be repaired in time. "Thank you very much. After I reflected, the second day of the Township government sent the construction team to carry out the maintenance, just rushed to the top of my transceiver." In recent years, the Leading Group of the Altayi District Office will conduct an inspection of up and down. Actively explore and practice, the "local inspection cadres went familiar with the grassroots, the instructions were more familiar with the entrance," the inspection and changed, and the effectiveness "took the upper and lower linkage mode, and the legacy of the establishment of the establishment of the establishment of the establishment of the regional patrol group was transferred to the local township (town) party committee. Rectify. Since 2018, the Altayi District Communications Patrol Institution has passed the top and down to effectively solve the problem of 78 honest people’s social supervision, and the instructions in the instructions are 148, which continues to improve the sense of the masses and happiness. (Miaohai) (Editor: Li Long, Han Ting).