Create a new high-level development of Tibet

  The picture shows the "third pole" brand in 2021 China International Consumer Product Expo.

(The picture is provided by the "third pole" this year. In May, the first China International Consumer Product Expo will open at Haikou. As the first regional public brand in our district – "The Third Earth" is also unveiled at this Folk Fair, and has a variety of products in the area to carry out promotion activities.

  Although more than 1,200 brands participating in this CFO come from all over the world, the unique label of the "third pole" is particularly highlighted: this is the highest-altitude brand in all consumer brands, which is also in all products. The only product from "the last pure land" of the earth.

  "The third pole" natural drinking water, green grain cereal, Qingyu dining powder, wine, honey … These products not only represent the transformation of Tibet green ecology to the green economy, the transformation of high quality products to the quality brand, "further show The transformation of Tibet’s traditional industries to modern high-quality industries.

  This shift is the achievements of high-level stations, high-level planning and high levels of autonomous regions.

  In 2020, the autonomous region fully implemented the spirit of the seventh Tibet working symposium in the Central Committee, actively implemented the gang of the new era, with a great historical concept, the mission, the global field of view, and the new pattern of regional development, coordinating regional economic development and ecological civilization Construction, established the "third pole" regional public brand to create a strategy, put the "third pole" in the promotion industry and the significant position of the economic development and the improvement of the economic development.

  2021 "The Third Earth" brand construction work officially included in the "14th Five-Year Plan" planning of Tibet Autonomous Region, marking Tibet into the big brand era. Such a regional brand integrated, integrated, integrated, and systematic is critical.

  To this end, the base is based, the foundation, the construction of the cognitive, and the channel is the initial work content of the brand development. Among them, the three key tasks lies in the brand’s degree, brand credibility construction and brand authority.

  Through the brand introduction, industrial entry, products into the market, 2020, "The third pole" brand is basically completed. So, how does the "third extreme" in 2021 build brand credibility? Chairman of Tibet "Earth Third Neightep" Industry Development Co., Ltd. believes that it is necessary to build a brand, industry, product three aspects, to form a "third pole" and enjoy "earth" The third pole ", guarding the" Earth’s third pole "brand credibility ecological circle.

  "Our development goal is to promote the development of the advantageous industry in the region through the" Earth "brand effect, promote the rapid development of Tibet’s economic and social development, help improve Tibet in the country and the world’s popularity, the reputation, and influence." Grea Sang said. Take natural glacier water as an example, Tibet is known as "Asian Water Tower", with an average annual amount of water resources reached 439.8 million cubic meters, accounting for% in the country, is the most abundant region in China. How to achieve the transformation of green ecological benefits to the green economy is an important measure to promote the economic and social development of Tibet, and it is also the key to building a modern industrial system.

  After the establishment of the "third pole" brand, there have been more than 7,700 tons of natural drinking water, and the sales volume increased by 25 times.

  But this is not the "third pole" of the Earth, 2020, "The Third Pole" submitted to register 45 major brand trademarks, Qingyi, natural drinking water, yak (industrial), 32 single items It has been launched. According to the factors of Tibet, resources, markets, "The Earth Third" finds the "runway" of the special industry that meets the situation.

  "The third pole" of the Earth is integrated market resources, through systematic, integrating development of Tibet’s advantage.

"Grabzan said that in the future, it will continue to establish cultivation, development, protection mechanisms, promote the" Earth’s third "farm-pastoral feature product, Tibetan medicine, tourism culture, sports events and other brands, enhance brand awareness and influence Improve the market competitiveness. (Editor: Tieren Luo, Wu Yuren) Sharing let more people see.