China @ 四 川 | Sichuan: Niu Ning Mountain Guanshan

  The sunset has a good tent hotel in the top of the mountains (May 1, drone photos).

  Niu Ni Mountain in the Sichuan Province and Luding County is the watershed of Qingyijiang and Dadu River.The top of the cattle back of 3,600 meters above sea level, can overlook the Gongqi, Emei, Wawu Mountain, four girls, Minshan, etc.

Currently, the Niu Ni Mountain Scenic Area, 360 ° viewing platform, parking lot, chamber hotel and tent hotel, etc. Is in a nervous construction.

  Xinhua News Agency reporter Jiang Hongjing Photo of Niu Napo Mountain has been built a good wooden house hotel and tent Hotel (March 1).

  In the top of the cow, the Gongga Xuefeng in the morning (March 2).

  From the top of the Niu Bi Mountain to the west, Gongga, the peak (March 1).

  On the top of the mountain, the East is looking forward to the Yuanshan in the morning (March 2).

  The Panshan Highway leading to the top of the cow, is about to be completed (March 1, drone photo).