Bazhong Enyang District build a "4 + 1" service system realistically home business work

Bazhong Enyang District building area – town – village – home business consortium extraterritorial + "4 + 1" service system, a solid grasp of home business work.

As of now, the cumulative lead back to home business staff of more than 6300 people, including the founder of the scale of 100 million yuan of economic entities 605, realized investment billion, driven more than 15,000 urban and rural workers locally to achieve employment. Build a shared information platform.

Established home business library personnel information, home business project library, library consultants, library capital instruments, demonstration case base, and successful person out six database repository, the implementation of quarterly updates, dynamic management, district, town (street) to achieve exchange information sharing, provide a sound basis for the information to do the work of employment and entrepreneurship.

Construction of linkage service mechanism.

District employment and entrepreneurship leading group co-ordinate the region responsible for pioneering work, the establishment of the party and government leadership, coordination among various departments, towns and villages of the district municipalities to implement the three work systems; established home business federation, to attract more than 130 members, was established under the Federation commerce company, registered trademarks, "Well linked exchange rate," home business to assume social services; relying on outside agencies, chambers of commerce, labor liaison base established home business extraterritorial extension of service stations, providing product sales for the home business, centralized purchasing of raw materials, business information and consulting service, a zone of internal and external linkage service return hit the working mechanism. Create a "pro-clear" entrepreneurial environment.

Refine the implementation of the return to the countryside venture twenty-two measures to increase policy implementation and follow-up publicity efforts, the cumulative cash subsidies for various types of employment and entrepreneurship billion; the establishment of township Career Guidance Center to provide policy-home business staff consulting, business guidance, entrepreneurship training, business and financial services; typical demonstration played a leading role, regularly organizes entrepreneurship contest, selected provinces recommended home business stars and star enterprise, foster home business leaders in 396 people; propaganda to return home typical business, will become outstanding entrepreneurs recommend "two representatives of a member" 62, training to become village officials 21. (Li Lin Jian) (Editor: Li strong, high Hongxia) share to allow more people to see.