Anhui Tianji: Old "E" smart helper volunteer service to the old man

In recent years, the application of mobile payment is increasing, but for many elderly, especially the children are not around, online appointment registration, pension insurance network certification, like a difficult gap. In order to let the old people integrate into the digital society, recently, the volunteers of the Tianchang City, Anhui Province, the volunteers of the Tianchang Mobile and the Etharmonic community jointly established "the old eldest E" to send warm volunteer service team, volunteers put "fingertips Classroom moved into the community, elderly university and old apartment. Handle, heart, volunteers, one step by step, patients with the old people to set up big fonts, install the app, mobile payment, network approxishes … Many old people are no longer strange to smartphones, the digital divide gradually eliminate.

A greeting, a video, even if you are over a thousand miles, the old people can always gossip with family and friends, and peacefully. Various novel and interesting short video is even more open, enriched the life of the old people.

In order to improve the safety awareness of the elderly to prevent telecom fraud, protect the safety of the old people, create a healthy, harmonious living environment for the elderly, and volunteers also bring the old people to the electronic anti-electricity scam manual, and combined with the recent emergence The new courier fraud gives the old people’s meticulous explanation, passing anti-fraud skills, reminding elderly friends to believe in strange text messages or calls, ignore, do not reply, do not transfer or remittance, do not scan the two-dimensional code of strangers It is not easy to tell others to tell others easily.

The old people have a good job for this publicity. (Xuan Jinxiang Tang Fushan) (Editor: Ou Wei, Zhang Lei) Sharing let more people see.