China International Chess National Team Training Base Shenzhen Longgang Unveiled

  Xinhua News Agency, Shenzhen, December 6, China Chess National Team, Shenzhen Longgang Base, built, opened the opening ceremony on the 6th, China International Chess Township – Shenzhen Longgang District, this is the first multi-party international chess national team training in my country. base.

  According to reports, Longgang’s international chess foundation is deep. At present, there have been more than 70 primary and secondary schools, kindergartens to carry out the courses and communities activities, and the number of people has more than 100,000, and a group of local reserve talents have been cultivated. Level event. In 2019, through China Chess Association, Shenzhen Cultural Radio, Television Tourism Bureau, Longgang District Cultural Radio, Television Tourism Sports Bureau, Shenzhen Langyu Real Estate Co., Ltd., decided to build China’s chess national team, and build national team training base in Longgang . After more than a year of construction and preparation, the base is completed, which can undertake the training of nearly 100 people in the national team and the ladder, and organize national and world-class events. Zhu Guoping, director of the National Sports General Administration Chess Sports Management Center, said that Longgang attaches great importance to international chess movements, and has held a large number of domestic and international large-scale events, and pay a lot of human and labor, and has made outstanding contributions to my country’s chess movement.

I hope that the athletes will make full use of the good conditions of the training base, study hard, make persistent efforts, step up the preparations, and strive to achieve excellent results in the World Competition, and glory for the country. The unveiling ceremony was highly concerned by the international chess, and the Chairman Dwalcovich, the Chairman of the International Chess, sent a congratulatory video.

China’s chess national team team members are unable to come to the scene to participate in the ceremony because of the events, and they have also congratulated videos.

  According to reports, the base is the exhibition hall, which exhibits the national team’s awards and significant chess, etc. The second floor is the training room and coach of the team. The third floor is a multi-function hall, combines news release, live broadcast, and high-end competitions.

There is a restaurant in the roof and features fitness, leisure.