ABC Henan Branch supports high standard farmland construction to help rural resolution

In the Golden Autumn Festival, the Central Plains is full of joy of harvest. Into Zhuzhuang Village, Xinxiang County, Xinxiang County, Xinxiang County, Yanjin County, Yaoqi, Qianshan High-tech Field Demonstration Zone, and only the road to Luke, Jin Can, the circle of corn, the field is full of harvest, which is the joy of the harvest in Henan. The provincial branch supports the slight lens of high standard farmland construction, and also the epitome of Henan Branch Practice "I do practical things for the masses".

It is understood that in order to achieve the construction of farmland, the grain is full of happiness, the delivery involves high-standard farmland construction loan billions, focusing on farmland construction, fertilizer, agricultural machinery transformation, etc., and injection of new kinetic energy for rural residence.

Henan is a large province of agricultural provinces and has a large grain.

Since the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan", Henan has built a high standard farmland 63.2 million mu, adding food production capacity of 189 million pounds, and food production is more than 1 billion pounds for 13 consecutive years. In the past three years, it has continued to stabilize more than 130 billion pounds, and high standard farmland construction steadily enhances cultivated land and output.

At present, Henan is preparing a new round of grain core area construction planning, by 2025, it is necessary to build an 80 million-mu high standard farmland, and create a high standard farmland "upgrade version", stabilize 130 billion kilograms of food capacity.

ABC Henan Branch adheres to the positioning of "Building a Country Revitalization and County Leading Bank", focusing on the "three rural" industrial chain, value chain, interest chain, and vigorously supports high standard farmland construction around the Henan food production. Accelerate the province’s modern seed industry, water-saving irrigation, intelligence agricultural transformation and upgrading, and promote the integration of rural one or two industry industries.

Recently, in the high-standard farmland high-efficiency water-saving irrigation demonstration area, Xinyang Roshan County, Xinyang Roshan County, looking at it, in addition to the film, the trench is connected, also supporting meteorological observation, soil, intelligent irrigation, pest monitoring, etc. Technology equipment, let the fields are full of wisdom, farmers far-growing, and make farmers surprises.

"In the past, he used to manage rice fields. Now I will easily manage it." Standby Standardized farmland construction effect, farmers Lu Jingjing said proudly, this is to support farmland transformation with 100,000 yuan "Hui Nong E-loan", Optimizing the inability of field science and technology management, this is the shrinkage of Henan Branch to implement the strategy of "Tibetan Grains in the Land, Tibetan".

It is understood that in recent years, the bank has won the high standard farmland construction, strengthen the top design, and innovate the "Golden Made Loan" and "Rural Machinery" and other special products.

In addition, close to the downstream of the industrial chain, introducing financial "live water" for the food whole industry chain. In the province’s grain property, actively docking state-owned farms, planting enterprises, major households, farmers’ cooperative financing needs, accumulating the provision of billion credit support to 296 grain production related companies and Wanban professional users; service national grievance development strategy, Vigorously support the key enterprises such as the genitals, peace and other seed industry, and the balance of loans is 75 million yuan.

In the construction of high standard farmland construction, the ABC Henan Branch adheres to coordination, paying attention to sustainable, actively strengthening the docking and related functional departments, quickly following the country’s major water conservancy projects and key farmland water conservancy construction projects, and promoting project list management, Open the credit green channel, give priority to the farmland water conservancy construction project credit plan, priority to ensure the examination and approval of the farmland water conservancy project, focus on the construction of water ecological projects such as Jiang Jihuai, Danjiang Yuanyuan, and the balance billion yuan.

In addition, the bank also supports the notice of supporting high standard farmland construction, issuing "doing a good job in agricultural machinery purchase subsidy customer credit support", focusing on farming, planting fertilization, harvesting machinery and other agricultural machinery, helping to improve agricultural mechanization Level, optimize financial services. Among them, the "agricultural machinery loan" is issued more than 50 million yuan, helping the Horses in Weinan County to polish the national Ping An Agricultural Machinery Demonstration County brand; accumulating 28 households such as Luoyang and other 28 units of agricultural equipment manufacturing enterprises to put loans billion yuan.

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