Dishwasher rigidity is intended, Mauxian hard nucleation solves the Chinese kitchen dishwashing problem

"10 times in 5 years", this is the rapid growth of the dishwasher and the portrayal.

In recent years, in the context of quality demand upgrade, health awareness, lazy economic prevalence, China’s kitchen and electricity enterprises conduct localized improvement innovations in Western utensils, launched new dishwashers in China’s kitchen pain points. After years of market popularization and education, today the dishwasher has become a new favorite of the consumer’s kitchen and presents the trend of importing from the shipping to Chinese family necessities.

In the tide of the dishwasher rigidity, it is committed to solving the Chinese kitchen pain point by integrated kitchen and electrical products. It has introduced a new generation of dishwasher products that are more in line with Chinese family habits in 2018.

Today, Mars’s dishwasher products have been widely recognized by high-end quality and differentiated technological innovation through several years of consumer demand, with high-end quality and differentiated technological innovation.

The dishwasher just needs to spread attribute revealed that future growth space can be released recently "China Dishwasher and Special Determination Development Status and Consumer Research White Paper" mentioned: In 2015, the domestic dishwasher market sales is only 10,000 units. In 2020, this value increased to 10,000, the consumption expansion was 10 times, and the trend of dishwasher was gradually formed.

In addition, Oviyun network data shows: In the first half of 2021, my country’s dishwasher market sales reached 100 million yuan, a year-on-year growth.

Although the external environment is full of uncertainty factors, the dishwasher’s growth momentum is still strong compared to other home appliances.

Behind the demand for the dishwasher, is the continuous positive feedback result of the consumer end and the supply terminal interaction. From the product structure innovation upgrade, before 2015, the dishwasher market is based on alone dual-use and embedded, and the market consumption is relatively plain. In recent years, the function is more integrated, intelligent, and the diversified sink dishwasher has broken silence, bringing a new round of the dishwasher.

Since then, the desktop, drawer, integrated sink type series of dishwasher products have served, meeting the diversified consumer demand in China, and further promotes the popularity of dishwashers.

From the inside of the dishwasher, there is a Chinese non-standard table for the traditional non-standard dislaps in some excellent dishwasher products, the adjustable bowl of washing requirements, and a small amount of washing, a large number of wooked demand for daily lotion, It is the localization improvement in the feedingback of China’s home washing. It can be said that in the continuous running between the kitchen and electricity enterprises and consumers, the dishwasher product technology is continuously iterated. The product functions are more in line with the Chinese market demand, and naturally win more and more consumers’ favors.

Of course, behind the demand broke out, there are also many unmet pain points.

For example, how to reduce the manual process of pre-buffet, meal environment, how to make more prunes to select the precision of detergents, how to accurately select the washing mode according to the degree of cutting data and oil sewage.

In order to solve the problem of dishwashing in China, Mars continues to innovate in recent years, the cleaning facilities have a strong growth momentum, and the key is that it cateres localization innovation in China’s household needs.

This is also the root cause of the dishwasher as an apparent product, rooting in the Chinese market.

Mars took the lead in introducing D7 integrated dishwashers that bring dishwasher technology innovation in 2018.

D7 integrated dishwasher brought five localized technological innovations, and further optimized for the structural design of dishwashers. Wash the dishwashing function, sterilization function, drying function, soft water treatment function, residue processing function, fruits and vegetables / seafood cleaning functions, sink function, cutting table function, drainage function, cupboard function, top ten functions, The three major core systems of the residue of the residue and disassembly and cleaning system and the kitchen integrated cleaning center were set in the Chinese kitchen space, and the unreasonable problem of moving line design was unreasonable.

Double-layer polymetry, through the slope design, the splashing water reflows, solves the shortcomings of the traditional water tank grooves are difficult to do.

For the compact layout of the Chinese kitchen, the kitchen operators are effectively expanded through the space surrounded by the duplex ladder tank.

In response to China’s multi-population family characteristics, innovation large-capacity design, in addition to Chinese eight sets, you can also play a bowl of scubbies. In response to Chinese tableware, the bowl is full of deeper features, through adjustable bowl, meet the needs of different households.

° Satin Silver Control Panel, while ensuring the beautiful, effectively avoiding the washing hand when you wash your hands, you can press the button without the need to bend. Ultrasonic cleaning technology, eddy current cleaning technology, cutlery residue crushing technology, plaque boosting and technology, ion exchange soft water technology, etc., the dishwasher is further improved in cleaning and sterilization. With excellent industrial design and innovation technology, D7 sink dishwasher not only won the market recognition, but also won the German Red Point Award named "Oscar" in the design industry in 2019.

In the market environment of the dishwasher market, the price war is unavoidable. Mars people still stick to the high-end positioning, through the continuous innovation and technical breakthrough, bring the continuous upgrade of dishwasher products. After the D7, Monasters won’t wait to solve the pain of the Chinese kitchen water, but also released the "four new breakthroughs of a dishwasher" U6 high-end sink dishwasher, and new upgraded U5 sink dishwasher, U3 sink wash Machine, V6 fruit and vegetable purification sink and other products.